Cloud Performance

Whatever Your Cloud—Run More Apps, Improve Performance, and Track Spend

Getting visibility into your current cloud usage can be difficult. Closing cloud visibility gaps helps you recapture wasted resources and maximize your current infrastructure. Pepperdata Cloud Performance Platform can help you:

  • Automatically run more applications without adding hardware

  • Tune your applications to be more efficient and run faster 

  • Track spend and accurately report chargeback


Cloud Migration Cost Estimates and Analysis for any Cloud

Recapture Cloud Resources with Managed Autoscaling

While basic autoscaling from cloud service providers provides some elasticity, it can also lead to runaway costs. Autoscaling from cloud providers is based on the workload peak needs. This guarantees the maximums are met, but leads to wasted resources and inflated cloud costs. You need a way to better optimize your resources and keep costs in line.

Capacity Optimizer makes thousands of decisions per second, analyzing the resource usage of each node to optimize CPU, memory, and I/O resources. The net effect is that horizontal scaling is optimized and waste is eliminated. Pepperdata provides automated deployment options that can be seamlessly added to EMR, Dataproc, and Qubole deployments.

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Reduce cloud costs by estimating, analyzing, and optimizing where and when your workloads run.

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Continuously tune and optimize your cluster resources. Recapture wasted capacity so you can run more applications and get the most out of your investment.

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Track spend, estimate cloud migration costs, and accurately report chargeback.

Cloud Performance Products

Pepperdata automatically optimizes system resources while providing a detailed, correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of application and infrastructure metrics collected in real-time. This automated approach gives you complete visibility and insight into your big data stack, so you can run more applications in the cloud.

Capacity Optimizer

Run more workloads with continuous tuning.

Application Spotlight

Fix application performance
issues faster.

Platform Spotlight

Diagnose issues and make resource decisions.


Achieve Big Data Success in the Cloud

Pepperdata Cloud Platform enables you to optimize your cloud resources so that you aren’t paying for more than you need and ensures that you get the best performance possible.