Cloud Performance


Visibility, Automatic Tuning, and Managed Autoscaling
for Your Big Data Workloads in the Cloud

Whatever your cloudGoogle Cloud, Amazon, or Microsoft Azure, run more apps, track spend, and improve cloud performance with Pepperdata.

Pepperdata can help you:

  • Quickly diagnose cloud performance issues and make resource decisions with Platform Spotlight.
  • Get a 360° view of all your applications in real-time—in the context of the entire cluster—with Application Spotlight.
  • Continuously tune, manage autoscaling, and optimize your big data clusters with Capacity Optimizer.
Cloud Migration Cost Estimates and Analysis for any Cloud
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Reduce cloud costs by estimating, analyzing, and optimizing where and when your workloads run.

Continuously tune and optimize your cluster resources. Recapture wasted capacity so you can run more applications and get the most out of your investment whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Create and receive alerts about events that interfere with database performance.

Track spend, estimate cloud migration costs, and accurately report chargeback.

Reduce Cloud Costs with Managed Autoscaling

Even with the best cloud migration strategy and dedicated attempts to curb costs, the cloud makes managing resources more difficult. While autoscaling provides the elasticity customers demand of their big data workloads, it can also lead to runaway costs. Capacity Optimizer intelligently augments autoscaling to ensure all nodes are fully utilized before additional nodes are created, eliminating waste and reducing costs.

Cloud providers provision infrastructure based on the peak needs of workloads. This guarantees the maximums are met, but there’s a lot of waste inherent in the current method of provisioning. Capacity Optimizer makes thousands of decisions per second, analyzing the resource usage of each node in real-time to optimize the utilization of CPU, memory and I/O resources on big data clusters. The net effect is that horizontal scaling is optimized and waste is eliminated. Pepperdata provides automated deployment options for customers that can seamlessly be added to EMR, Dataproc and Qubole deployments.

Reduce troubleshooting time by 90% by leveraging targeted performance insights.


Tune application resources for peak efficiency with prescriptive recommendations.

Automatically detect and alert on bottlenecks that impact SLAs.

Before You Migrate: Know Your Cloud Migration Costs

Understand your resource requirements before you move. Pepperdata can help you assess cloud migration costs with a free cloud cost analysis assesses current performance and provides valuable feedback. Each assessment helps you to do the following:

  • Automatically analyze every workload in your cluster determine projected cloud costs.

  • Get cloud migration cost projections and instance recommendations for workloads, queues, jobs, and users.

  • Map your big data workloads to various instance types including static and on-demand.

  • Compare AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

Pepperdata Cloud Migration Costs, Utilization and Estimate Reports

Achieve Big Data Success

Pepperdata products provide a 360° degree view of your platform and applications with continuous tuning, recommendations, cloud migration cost estimates, analysis, and alerting.