Pepperdata provides a complete understanding of
your workloads’ resource utilization

Whether you are moving on premises workloads to Amazon EMR on Amazon EC2 or moving Amazon EMR or Spark workloads onto Amazon EKS, Pepperdata empowers you to:

  • Visualize your most expensive queues and users.
  • Understand which instance types best suit your workloads
  • Benchmark your environment against others optimized by Pepperdata in terms of both waste and savings
  • Estimate your ongoing savings post-migration

Discover your waste and cost savings potential
with a Free Cloud Migration Assessment

  • Group 2754

    STEP 1: Profile your workloads via a guided install of Pepperdata: ~60 minutes

  • Group 2764

    STEP 2: Run Pepperdata to analyze your complete environment: ~2 weeks

  • Group 2784

    STEP 3: Review your customized assessment:
    ~60 minutes

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your free Cloud Migration Peak Performance Assessment will contain.

Migrate to AWS, Then Reduce Your Cloud Costs
Autonomously and Continuously

Once you’ve migrated your on-prem workloads to the cloud, Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer
minimizes wastes and maximizes efficiency to optimize your cloud costs with:

Continuous Intelligent Tuning:

Real-time, automated cost optimization for Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS with no manual tuning, no recommendations, and no application code changes.

Real-time Resource Utilization:

Pepperdata uses Machine Learning (ML) to interact in real time with your ever-changing environment, enabling constant calibrations to keep your clusters running at the sweet spot of peak utilization without extra cost.

Augmented FinOps:

Automatically align the rigor of financial accounting with the variable cost model of the cloud so that you can maximize the value of the cloud to your business.

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