Lock in Optimal Price/Performance for Your Cloud Migration

Pepperdata is the only solution that fully optimizes resource usage
once you’ve migrated your on-premises workloads to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. Benefit upfront as you plan your migration from the unparalleled insights Pepperdata provides. Then, lock in the optimal instance price performance and cluster utilization for your soon-to-be cloud-based workloads.

  • Visualize your most expensive queues and users.
  • Understand the optimal AWS instance types for your unique workloads.
  • Benchmark your environment against others optimized by Pepperdata in terms of both waste and savings.
  • Realize post-migration savings up to 38% with no manual intervention.

Three Easy Steps to
A Successful Peak Performance
Migration Assessment

Pepperdata delivers unparalleled insight before your migration and unparalleled cost savings after your migration. We achieve this in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Guided Install with Pepperdata to profile your workloads: ~60 minutes

STEP 2: Run Pepperdata: ~2 weeks
Pepperdata will analyze the unique CPU and memory requirements across all your workloads to determine baseline and burst characteristics. Pepperdata will then calculate the storage requirements for your new cloud environment based on the capacity of your existing clusters.

STEP 3: Review your customized assessment: ~60 minutes

Your customized assessment will contain:

  • Rightsized AWS instance type recommendations based on the unique performance proles of your workloads
  • Optimized Amazon EMR autoscaling parameters
  • Forecasted instance hours for your new cloud environment and the corresponding hourly, monthly, and annual costs
  • A waste and savings view of how your environment compares to others optimized by Pepperdata
  • Estimated savings from running Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer in your new cloud environment.

Migrate to AWS, Then Reduce Your Cloud Costs Autonomously and Continuously

Once you’ve migrated your on-prem workloads to the cloud, Pepperdata is the only solution that fully optimizes resource usage. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer enables you to relax in the knowledge that you’re doing everything possible to minimize waste and maximize efficiency in your new cloud environment.


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