Boost the Autoscaling Capabilities of Amazon EMR

Pepperdata’s Capacity Optimizer for Amazon EMR dramatically maximizes efficiency.

  • Eliminates the guessing game of manual tuning

  • Optimizes workloads in real time

  • Reduces cloud costs autonomously

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Maximize the Efficiency of Amazon EMR

Pepperdata for Amazon EMR offers an automated optimization platform that helps infrastructure teams find and sustain success with scalability, speed, and security while eliminating waste.

  • Optimize your big data automatically and reduce cloud costs by up to 50%

  • Benefit from Pepperdata’s augmented autoscaling on top of Amazon EMR’s native autoscaling

  • Get up and running in under an hour

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Watch How Autodesk Slashed Cloud Costs by 50%

Getting a data stack up and running is just one step—making sure it’s optimized is the true challenge. This in-depth customer account from Autodesk Chief Architect Mark Kidwell highlights how Autodesk utilized Pepperdata on Amazon EMR.

  • Reduced cloud costs by 50%
  • Increased resource utilization from 30–70%
  • Doubled infrastructure efficiency

Click the image to watch the video. Or read the case study to learn how Autodesk optimized their Amazon EMR infrastructure.

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Gain Next Level Insights to Help You Plan Your Migration
To the Cloud

If you are planning new or additional workloads to Amazon EMR, Pepperdata delivers unparalleled insight before your migration and robust cost savings after your migration. We can help you achieve in three easy steps with a no cost cloud migration assessment.

STEP 1: Guided install with Pepperdata to profile your workloads: ~60 minutes

STEP 2: Run Pepperdata: ~2 weeks

STEP 3: Review your free customized assessment: ~60 minutes

Once you’ve migrated your workloads to your new cloud environment, Pepperdata’s Capacity Optimizer allows you to reduce costs further by reclaiming unused resources and optimizing scaling so that both waste and cost are minimized.

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Capacity Optimizer Datasheet

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Pepperdata Boosts 3D Design Software Enterprise’s Amazon EMR Performance, Cuts Costs

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