Unlock Peak Efficiency With Continuous, Intelligent Tuning

The problem of wasted resources and overspending in Amazon EMR can be solved autonomously and in real time. 

  • Dynamically add and reuse capacity in real time

  • Safely leverage resources from overallocated applications to underutilized applications

  • Deploy new instances only when existing ones are fully utilized

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Boost the Autoscaling Capabilities of Amazon EMR

Pepperdata’s Capacity Optimizer for Amazon EMR dramatically maximizes efficiency.

  • Reclaim allocated but unused resources

  • Utilize instances before adding more

  • Add tasks to nodes continuously to increase utilization

Watch How Autodesk Slashed Cloud Costs by 47%

Getting a data stack up and running is just one step—making sure it’s optimized is the true challenge. Mark Kidwell, Autodesk Chief Data Architect, Data Platforms and Solutions, highlights the results of installing Pepperdata on Amazon EMR.

  • Reduced cloud costs by 47%

  • Increased resource utilization from 30–70%

  • Doubled infrastructure efficiency

Download the case study to read the full story.

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Maximize Your Amazon EMR Investment with Pepperdata

Most application deployments are overprovisioned to ensure applications don’t fail from lack of capacity. Pepperdata for Amazon EMR:

  • Schedules decisions based on actual usage

  • Allows more workloads to run on the same node

  • Tunes the cloud autoscaler dynamically to respond to changing application workloads

Read this AWS co-sponsored eBook to learn how cloud application deployments on AWS with Pepperdata can result in up to 47% cost savings across your workloads.

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Unlocking Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices for Amazon EMR

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