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Maximize Resource Utilization and Improve Cluster Efficiency

  • Optimize your clusters continuously and in real time.
  • Reduce cloud costs by eliminating waste and maximizing resource utilization.
  • Eliminate the need for manual tuning.

Gain Deep Insight Under
A Single Pane of Glass

Understand and optimize application performance across your cluster. Cut troubleshooting time and maintain SLAs.

Application-Aware Observability

Visualize thousands of application-level metrics in one aggregated view. View a summary across all your applications or drill down one by one.

Side-by-Side Application Comparison

Choose any two applications (or different runs of the same application) to compare their performance characteristics for expedited troubleshooting.

Optimization Recommendations

Minimize inefficiencies and bottlenecks caused by factors such as insufficient parallelism, memory waste, OOM errors, Spark failures, unused GPUs, and read/write skew.

Compare Capacity Optimizer Classic and Capacity Optimizer Next Gen

Which version of Capacity Optimizer is right for you?

Capacity Optimizer Classic with Integrated Observability

Capacity Optimizer Next Gen


  • Continuous, real-time, autonomous optimization of clusters running batch workloads
  • Application-level visibility into big data workloads, such as Spark and MapReduce
  • Continuous, real-time, and autonomous optimization of clusters running batch workloads or microservices on Amazon EMR or Amazon EKS
  • Highly intuitive dashboard displaying actual AWS costs

Target Audience

  • DevOps
  • FinOps

Cloud/On Premises

  • Cloud
  • On Premises
  • Cloud

Source of Compute Price

  • Static
  • Entered manually by user
  • Dynamic
  • Based on AWS Cost Usage Report (CUR)

Platforms / Environments

  • Hadoop
  • Amazon EMR
  • Amazon EKS
  • Google Dataproc
  • Microsoft AKS
  • HPE Ezmeral
  • Open source Kubernetes
  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon EMR


  • At rest: Available
  • In transit: Over HTTPS
  • At rest: Not available
  • In transit: Over HTTPS

Feature Overview

Capacity Optimizer Classic with Integrated Observability

Capacity Optimizer Next Gen

Cost Optimization

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Waste Visibility

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Support for Batch Workloads

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Support for Microservices

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Optimization Levers in User Interface

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Business-Focused Dashboard

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Application-Level Observability and Recommendations

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double qoute

“Capacity Optimizer automatically tunes cluster capacity for workloads in real time, avoiding lots of manual tuning and helping to save money.”

Chief Data Architect | Fortune 1000 Company

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