Pepperdata Product Suites

Application Performance Management (APM)
For Developers and Users

Operations Performance Management (OPM)
For Operators

Application Spotlight

Generate application-specific recommendations
to improve application performance

Highlight applications that need attention

Automatically identify bottlenecks, and alerts on duration,
failure conditions, and resource usage

Cluster Analyzer and Capacity Optimizer

Reduce time to problem resolution using comprehensive
and detailed performance data

Monitor all facets of cluster performance in real time, including
CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and network usage by user, job, and task

Increase capacity utilization by 30-50% without adding new hardware

Big Data Performance Expertise


“Before Pepperdata, we experimented with various approaches to
solve our performance issues, but we couldn’t see deep enough into the cluster. Pepperdata shined a bright light into our Hadoop environment and provided the detailed data that helped us isolate and resolve the problem.”

–Philips Wellcentive

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