Pepperdata is the only real-time, automated cost optimization solution for Amazon EMR and EKS that requires no manual tuning, no recommendations, and no application code changes.

Achieved more than 50% reduction of instance costs for a savings of over $1.1 million over 14 months.

Ran 50% more tasks on one of their largest clusters.

Achieved a 30% cloud cost reduction within a week and an average monthly savings of $7800.

Achieved a 95% infrastructure utilization and a 23% cost savings on Amazon EMR.

Achieved almost $5 million in annualized savings and exceeded 200% ROI.

Achieved annualized savings of over $600K.

Achieved a 24% increase in task performance and saved $30K in three months.

Achieved 30% uplift in YARN resources and saved thousands of hours of core and memory waste.

Achieved up to 36% savings on core production Amazon EMR clusters and a total of $225K in monthly savings.

Achieved more than 50% reduction of instance costs for a savings of over $1.1 million over 14 months.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

Run more work per node. Deploy fewer nodes.

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    Maximize resource utilization continuously

    Pepperdata intelligently increases resource utilization by evaluating actual instead of allocated resource utilization

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    Optimize autoscaling second-by-second

    Pepperdata ensures new instances are added only when existing instances are fully utilized

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    Reclaim waste in real time

    Pepperdata instructs the scheduler to remove capacity from overprovisioned applications

Pepperdata Complements All Other Cost-Savings Strategies

You’re probably optimizing your platform infrastructure with a variety of techniques, but there’s still waste inherent in your applications. Pepperdata’s Continuous Intelligent Tuning fixes that for you automatically.

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Reduce Operational Costs, Maximize Savings

*Statistics captured from our 2023 benchmark work on Amazon EKS


Cost Savings: Reduced instance hour consumption


Improved Performance: Decreased application runtime


Increased Throughput: Uplift in average concurrent container count

*TPC-DS is the Decision Support framework from the Transaction Processing Performance Council. TPC-DS is an industry-standard big data analytics benchmark. Pepperdata’s work is not an official audited benchmark as defined by TPC. TPC-DS benchmark results (Amazon EKS), 1 TB dataset, 500 nodes, and 10 parallel applications with 275 executors per application.

Pepperdata Provides Immediate Value for Your Augmented FinOps

Pepperdata amplifies the success of FinOps teams through its real-time,
autonomous and continuous cloud cost optimization solution.

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    Cloud Spend Transparency

    Know exactly where and how your money is being spent in all of your cloud workloads to immediately reduce your spend.

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    Machine Learning Enabled Resource Utilization

    Pepperdata uses Machine Learning to optimize your spend so you pay only for the resources you actually use.

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    Continuous Intelligent Application Tuning

    Pepperdata automates application tuning in real time so your workloads are maintained in their optimal sweet spot continuously and autonomously.

Customers Love Pepperdata

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Cloud Management and
Cloud Cost Management

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“Pepperdata lets us see inside our ephemeral clusters even after they’ve been deleted.”

Being able to see the memory, cpu, io and other cluster metrics help us to appropriately size the clusters and tune our jobs.
Review collected by and hosted on

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Chief Data Architect, DPI

“The Missing Link In Large Scale YARN Cluster Management”

Getting up and running effectively took a little time, but now that we use of the product for ongoing monitoring and operations it’s hard to understand how we were getting by without it.

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Sr. Software Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure

“Best for spark application monitor”

Easy to navigate for all metrics related to spark job, capture all yarn-related metrics. we can search by application id easily. multiple realm is also useful for EMR spark

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Consultant, 08/28/2022

“Pepperdata helps us in optimizing our day to day tasks.”

Its easy to go through the UI and get the stats of the tasks and see the errors and optimize them accordingly. Review collected by and hosted on

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Associate Software Engineer, 08/23/2022

“Pepperdata & Big Data Positives”

Pepperdata has been essential for my team. We use Apache data aggregation tools at scale; Pepperdata helps us to monitor memory and CPU usage with easy-to-read visualizations, warnings, and metrics.

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