About Us

Unlike traditional performance monitoring solutions that merely summarize static data and make isolated recommendations, Pepperdata provides correlated visibility into your infrastructure and applications across your analytics stack.


Being a big data performance management leader requires more than market-leading technology, Pepperdata’s executive team and board are leading the charge, helping our customers get the most out of their data.

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Pepperdata was founded by Chad Carson and Sean Suchter in 2012. After first surveying over 90 former big data systems colleagues and experts, Chad and Sean realized that low utilization rates and unpredictable performance were the most critical challenges companies faced. They knew they could build a performance solution to manage these difficult challenges; thus, Pepperdata was born.

Observability and Continuous Tuning for the Big Data Analytics Stack

Pepperdata’s data analytics performance suite is purpose-built for IT operations teams, giving them a single, comprehensive view of their analytics stack. Get real-time visibility for troubleshooting, debugging, and planning. Automated tuning for optimal performance on-prem and in the cloud.

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