Operations Manager Q and A – How to Do More with Your Big Data Platform

Today’s blog discusses what it means to be an operations manager in a Hadoop environment and covers the Pepperdata Platform Spotlight, our operations-focused solution. There are big obstacles to big data access, not the least of which is the fact that you’re dealing with a... read more →

The Five Real Benefits of Effective APM

When you start to consider Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, you have specific pain points or challenges that you need to overcome. Don’t forget about those initial challenges as you go through the steps of assessing solutions. Developers want their apps to work faster, but why? Capacity managers want to... read more →

Doesn’t Yarn Already Do This? The Limitations of Manually Tuning Hadoop and How Pepperdata Improves YARN and the ResourceManager

Pepperdata makes Hadoop+YARN based systems better by providing total performance management (TPM) for big data. TPM is the combination of application performance management (APM) and operations performance management (OPM) in a single package so developers and operators can rely on the same underlying information to build and operate highly performant... read more →

Total Performance Management – A Holistic View of Application and Platform Big Data Performance

Total Performance Management has two components: Application performance management (APM) Operations performance management (OPM) The reason why those two components application and platform need to be thought about together is because your application is a distributed application it relies on what your platform is able to do as well. Those... read more →

Blog Tour of Application Summary

This blog is the first in a series that introduces big data developers to Pepperdata Application Summary. Application Summary is the first in a series of Pepperdata guided application performance management (APM) user experiences. In these experiences, we solve a particular user problem (or use case) by providing all the relevant... read more →

Four Big Data Predictions for 2018

From our introduction of developer tools that provide Hadoop and Spark developers with easy-to-understand recommendations for improving job performance to working closely with our growing customer base of Big Data heavy hitters, 2017 was a good year for Pepperdata. We saw that Big Data is changing, with less emphasis on... read more →