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Maximize Your Kubernetes Investment with up to 40% Savings
on Amazon EKS

Reduce your costs and increase your Amazon EKS pod utilization
for both batch and microservices.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer for Spark Workloads on Amazon EKS: *Benchmark Validation


Cost Savings: Reduced instance hour consumption


Improved Performance: Decreased application runtime


Increased Throughput: Uplift in average concurrent container count

*TPC-DS is the Decision Support framework from the Transaction Processing Performance Council. TPC-DS is an industry-standard big data analytics benchmark. Pepperdata’s work is not an official audited benchmark as defined by TPC. TPC-DS benchmark results (Amazon EKS), 1 TB dataset, 500 nodes,
10 parallel applications with 275 executors per application.

Optimization Without Recommendations: Automating Your Cost Optimization on Amazon EKS

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen eliminates the need for recommendations when it comes to optimizing your Amazon EKS environment.

Watch this co-sponsored webinar from Pepperdata and AWS to learn:

  • New approaches to cost optimization on Amazon EKS
  • The value of automation versus a manual approach
  • How Pepperdata tunes your clusters in real time without recommendations or application code changes

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen for Amazon EKS

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen for Amazon EKS autonomously optimizes your cluster resources by recapturing wasted capacity with Continuous Intelligent Tuning. Pepperdata:

  • Increases node utilization and reduces the node quantity required to run your applications leading to direct cost savings
  • Enables your environment to scale based on actual resource utilization
  • Eliminates the need for manual recommendations via real-time optimization
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The State of Kubernetes 2023 Report

Pepperdata surveyed 800 Kubernetes experts about the growth of their Kubernetes clusters and the resulting management challenges.
Download the report to learn:

  • The top workloads being deployed on Kubernetes
  • How companies are measuring the ROI of their Kubernetes deployments
  • The most significant challenges with managing Kubernetes
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Free Pepperdata Savings Assessment for Amazon EKS

Receive your free Customized Savings Assessment detailing your estimated savings from deploying Pepperdata.

It’s easy, secure, and requires no workload profiling.

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    Have your cluster activity securely analyzed in real time

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    See your total estimated waste and top 10 most wasteful queues by memory hours, core hours, and instance hours

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    Review your estimated savings from Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer free of charge

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