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Problems with spark

Problems with Spark: Library Conflicts

April 7, 2020Industry

Apache Spark™ plays a critical role in the adoption and evolution of Big Data technologies. Despite some problems with Spark deployment and use that are occasionally encountered, it still provides more sophisticated ways for...

2020blogsimages 80 percent of organizations overshoot their big data cloud budgets. why fb

How Companies Can Avoid Vendor Lock-In

February 25, 2020Use Cases

Companies migrating to the cloud need to be able to optimize performance and minimize cost while keeping their options open. A key way to do this? Avoid vendor lock-in. Vendor lock-in is the enemy of agile, proactive enterprise...

thumbnail update query spotlight 1

Query Spotlight Product Data Sheet

January 28, 2020Product Data Sheets

Using Pepperdata Query Spotlight, query workloads can be tuned, debugged, and optimized for better performance and reduced costs, both in the cloud and on premises. Operators and developers now have a way to understand the detailed perfo...

2019: The Year in Pepperdata

December 30, 2019Industry

2019 was a turbulent and exciting year in the world of Big Data. And here at Pepperdata, we’ve been right in the thick of it. Before we leave 2019 behind, we wanted to look back on the awesome numbers we’ve posted this year.   We...

Stop Overspending on Your Big Data Infrastructure eBook

November 4, 2019eBook

Large, multi-tenant enterprise and cloud big data systems are complex. As these platforms scale, it becomes very difficult to maintain visibility across your entire big data stack, from the hardware up to the application level. Before yo...

thumbnail update case study – travel and tourism

Travel and Tourism Case Study

August 21, 2019Case Studies

The company was faced with big data infrastructure slowdowns because of limited compute resources, even though it had plenty of storage. “Jobs were running long because while storage on the cluster wasn’t an issue, compute was," said...

collateral image cloud migration flyer

Cloud Migration Cost Assessment Flier

May 2, 2019Fliers

The Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment automatically identifies optimal cloud instances across cloud service providers, based on actual workloads, to support the most cost-effective implementation of a hybrid or multi-cl...

The Many Ways of Modern Big Data Chargeback

April 9, 2019Industry, Products

In this week’s blog, we’ll describe various approaches to successful big data chargeback as observed by Pepperdatafrom our unique vantage point providing performance management solutions for hundreds of big data platforms around the...

How Big Data APM Conquers Big Data Challenges

March 6, 2019White Papers

This white paper addresses key big data challenges including the demand for big data in application development and the problems created by increasingly large workloads.
This paper also discusses the benefits of big data APM solutions an...

New 360° Reports

February 26, 2019Industry, Products

How to Identify Trends, Maximize Spend and Reclaim Waste in your Big Data Cluster   IT spending in 2018 in North America was estimated by Gartner to be $1.23 trillion. In today’s continuously competitive environment, enterprises need...

8 ROI Benefits of APM (Part 1)

January 29, 2019Industry, Products

Application performance management (APM) is an essential element of operations and business success. The goal of APM is to detect and diagnose complex issues and translate performance metrics into valuable insights in order to meet...

Which Application is Blowing Up My Cluster?

January 15, 2019Products

How to Quickly Pinpoint Cluster Issues During the course of administering a Hadoop Cluster, there is often a time when you need to determine what application is causing the current performance degradation. This could be an application...

Choosing an APM Solution

December 20, 2018Industry, Products

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Big Data Performance Management Solution The tendency to classify and categorize people, objects, information, and experiences is a deeply ingrained aspect of human nature.  In many cases, this is...

Why is My App Running so Slow

November 27, 2018Products, Use Cases

Determining exactly what causes a performance problem in a big data environment is a complex challenge. The first step is identifying the root cause, which is not exactly straightforward. Here are a few potential issues and ideas...

image platform ds

Platform Spotlight Data Sheet (PDF)

September 9, 2018Product Data Sheets

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight continuously collects extensive unique data—that nobody else collects—about your hosts, queues, users, applications and all relevant resources, providing you with a 360° cluster view to quickly diagnose...

image application ds

Application Spotlight Data Sheet (PDF)

September 9, 2018Product Data Sheets

Application Spotlight gives you a 360° view of your apps in one place, as well as their context cluster-wide. Pepperdata continuously collects data about all of your big data applications and infrastructure resources – unique data tha...

Our Customers

November 13, 2017Industry, Products,

Last week marked three years for me at Pepperdata and it’s amazing the progress we’ve made as a company in the last few years. We’ve been fortunate to see more than 100% growth year-over-year and I thought in this post I would...

cs icon rubicon project

Rubicon Project Case Study (PDF)

October 11, 2017Case Studies

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight gave Rubicon Project the granular visibility they needed to quickly pinpoint, troubleshoot, and resolve problems in their cluster. As Rubicon Project builds out their new streaming platform, an extremely imp...

cs icon chartboost 1

Chartboost Case Study (PDF)

August 22, 2017Case Studies

Upon deployment, the Pepperdata product suite enabled Chartboost with deep visibility to pinpoint and troubleshoot their cluster problems and enable Chartboost to reduce its total AWS node count by 30 percent. This customer case study ex...