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Pepperdata for Amazon EMR Solution Brief

Pepperdata for Amazon EMR provides automated tuning, full-stack observability, and real-time insights across all of your Spark workloads and EMR instances—all in one place. Download the datasheet to see how Pepperdata autonomously optimizes your Spark jobs and reduces Amazon EMR costs by up to 47% with no code changes. 

Key Findings:

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Optimal Capacity

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer is a radical new way to reduce cost and resources in the cloud.

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While Amazon EMR autoscaling provides the elasticity required for big data workloads, that flexibility can also lead to increased costs.

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Add tasks to nodes continuously to increase resource utilization.

Cloud-native autoscalers tend to operate in large increments:

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Workloads are dynamic and require much smaller increments:

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