Pepperdata: The Cloud Cost Optimization Company

Today’s enterprises rely on big data to improve decision-making, deliver better customer experiences, and enter new markets. But the volume, variety, and velocity of data in the cloud can make it difficult to effectively manage big data performance. Pepperdata was founded to solve this problem. What started as a prototype built in a Silicon Valley basement over a decade ago, is now the only cloud cost optimization solution that delivers dynamic cost savings—continuously and in real-time—on Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS with no application changes or manual tuning.  

Pepperdata’s decade of intelligent engineering—developed and tuned by founding Hadoop engineers and cloud experts from Yahoo, Google, and Netflix—keeps some of the world’s most complex data environments perfectly in balance. Our core dynamic optimization technology is based on the company’s ten-year heritage of observability and has been battle tested in some of the most demanding on-prem and cloud environments on the planet. No other company delivers Pepperdata’s combination of real-time, continuous, autonomous, and scalable compute cost optimization.

Pepperdata’s customers include the largest, most complex, and highly-scaled clusters in the world, at top enterprises such as Citibank, T-Mobile, Autodesk, Securonix, Royal Bank of Canada, and those in the Fortune 5. Learn how you, too, can extract more from your Kubernetes and big data infrastructure with Pepperdata.

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Big data doesn’t make decisions, leaders do.


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We partner with some of the brightest minds in technology to support a common goal: help our customers get the most out of their big data analytics investment.



We partner with the technology leaders focused on the Modern Enterprise, an agile workplace built on data and powered by AI.


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Pepperdata Is a G2 High Performer in Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring

Pepperdata has been named an Enterprise High Performer based on having high customer satisfaction scores. In the latest G2 survey, 94% of Pepperdata customers said they would recommend Pepperdata and believe the company is headed in the right direction.

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Pepperdata Provides Operational and Infrastructure Cost Saving

“The product is super easy to manage, and we always had a great experience with Pepperdata support. I highly recommend this solution for anyone who would like to explore infrastructure and operations cost saving/optimization.”

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