What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

Our “Pepperdata Profiles” series shines a light on our talented individuals and explores employee experiences. This week, we talked to Kimoon Kim, a veteran Pepperdata software engineer. Kimoon elaborates on how Pepperdata products have evolved with the needs of the big data industry in his six years with the company, and he offers some predictions on the future of cloud cost management and big data performance.

Hey Kimoon! You’ve been at Pepperdata for six years. How have things evolved in that time?


Well, it’s been awesome throughout. Six years ago, we only had a macro concept of the product line we wanted to build. So a lot of discussions, creative activities, and brainstorming ensued. Then, when it was time to execute, everybody stepped up. We all worked together, like a family unit.

We quickly found excellent customers. You know, a lot of startups in the big data industry fail to do this, then they disappear. Not us. And over time, we learned a lot from our customers’ experiences of our products, and we diligently applied those lessons back to our product lines. Their insights also helped us identify which of our initial thoughts were a mistake, which we had to drop or adjust over time. Now our product is way more mature.