Discover what you
could be saving

Most Spark applications are running well below optimal utilization, wasting your cloud spend. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer can immediately reduce your application costs on Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS.

See for yourself with a free, 5-day, no-commitment evaluation to learn what you could be saving.

Here’s how the evaluation works:

  1. Install Pepperdata: ~60 minutes

    Pepperdata is installed in your environment.

  2. Run Pepperdata: ~5 days

    Run your workloads as normal. Pepperdata will go to work immediately reducing the waste in your Spark environment, improving utilization and saving you money.

  3. Review results: ~60 minutes.

    Meet with Pepperdata Solutions Architect to review your cost savings data, utilization data, and ROI data.

Click on the Calendly link to the right to schedule a quick, 15-minute meeting to get started on your cloud cost optimization journey.

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Looking for a safe, proven method to reduce waste and cost by up to 47% and maximize value for your cloud environment? Sign up now for a free waste assessment to see how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen can help you start saving immediately.