Continuous, Intelligent Tuning

The volume, velocity, and variety of modern compute workloads make manual tuning impossible. Free your developers from the drudgery of manually optimizing each of your applications. Pepperdata uses Machine Learning to continuously and intelligently eliminate wasted resources from every app across your entire on-prem or cloud cluster in real time, regardless of size. Pepperdata works around the clock and never stops so your workloads are always tuned to their sweet spot without manual intervention.


As soon as you install Pepperdata, it goes to work. You’ll see measurable cost savings in your dashboard within hours, not days or weeks.

Real Time

Pepperdata does not have to be manually trained, tuned, or retrained on workload patterns. Pepperdata uses Machine Learning (ML) to interact in real time with your ever-changing environment, enabling constant calibrations to keep your clusters running at the sweet spot of peak utilization without extra cost.


Pepperdata operates automatically on your behalf without manual intervention to eliminate application waste in your on-prem or cloud environment.


Pepperdata is safe to deploy because it makes no changes to your running applications. Pepperdata is continually informing the scheduler of exact resource usage, which enables your applications to be continuously tuned to their utilization sweet spot. Pepperdata is currently entrusted and relied on at some of the world’s largest and most security-conscious financial services companies as well as members of the Fortune 10.

Optimizes Your Clusters in Two Ways

Pepperdata ensures both:

  1. Optimal capacity utilization by informing your scheduler of exact resource usage
  2. Optimal cost by using machine learning to ensure that every cluster or node is fully utilized before a new instance is added

No other solution in the market optimizes your clusters in both these ways.


Pepperdata supports the continuous, intelligent optimization of both batch workloads like Spark and on-premises workloads.

No Application Changes Required

Pepperdata frees your development teams from the tedium of tweaking and tuning applications so they can focus on high-value, innovative activities to grow your business.

Additive to All Other Solutions

Whatever tools and solutions you use to optimize your cloud environment at the hardware layer, Pepperdata works at the application layer to deliver additional cost control, providing you the peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to extract the most from your investment in your cloud or on-prem environment.

Considers Both CPU and Memory

Cloud resources are measured in terms of both CPU and memory. Whereas other cost optimization solutions may only consider one or the other, Pepperdata maximizes resource utilization across both dimensions.

Frees Up Resources for Innovation

The time and money Pepperdata saves you over manually tuning or tweaking your environment can be repurposed for new product innovation. What can your organization do with an extra 30-47% savings?

Proofs of Value are Always Free

Given everything above, what do you have to lose besides waste and inefficiency in your cluster? Book a meeting to understand exactly how much Pepperdata can help you save today.

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