Pepperdata Boosts 3D Design Software Enterprise’s Amazon Performance, Cuts Costs

Pepperdata Boosts 3D Design Software Enterprise’s Amazon EMR Performance, Cuts Costs

Pepperdata’s client company is a global leader in design and manufacturing software that constantly analyzes large volumes of big data using Apache Spark on Amazon EMR. However, the client found that scaling Amazon EMR resources to handle workloads resulted in uncontrolled costs. Its big data processing needs increased tenfold, but its costs needed to be halved. As a result, it turned to Pepperdata to increase visibility and autonomously optimize its big data stack.

Through Pepperdata’s Spotlight solutions and Capacity Optimizer, the client optimized resources to ensure efficient application runtimes and achieved a reduction of Amazon EC2 instance costs by 50%. The client’s big data team was then able to run more applications without additional hardware and personnel, empowering the enterprise as a whole to focus on developing new products and solutions for its own customers. 

Read the case study to discover how Pepperdata improved this client’s big data infrastructure processes and slashed their cloud costs.

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