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Autonomous FinOps for Kubernetes

October 26, 2022Product Data Sheets

Kubernetes has become the standard for managing modern day instances and services in the cloud. While more and more enterprises are starting to rely on K8s for high performance and flexibility, many find that they are bogged down in mana...

Data Stack Summit Logo

Building The Modern Data Stack

July 13, 2022Industry, Products

As almost  90% of organizations are executing on a multi-cloud strategy for migrating their data and analytics workloads to the cloud, the term “modern data stack” continues to gain more traction. A modern data stack is a...

0322 analytics blog image2

Why Enterprises Need Self Service Analytics

March 16, 2022Products

Self service analytics are becoming increasingly popular and essential in this data-driven world. For many businesses, there is a growing need for their internal departments to access their data and business intelligence and harness...

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Five Kubernetes Monitoring Best Practices

March 11, 2022Guides

The vast majority of enterprises (77%) were expecting to move the bulk of their big data workloads to Kubernetes by the end of last year. Were you one of them? If so, you’re likely encountering an array of new challenges, including the...

icon infographic spark

Infographic: Why is Spark so Slow?

March 9, 2022Guides

Despite its ability to handle large data sets and perform resource-intensive computing processes, Spark can struggle to perform at an optimum level. When this happens, companies are at risk of inefficiently utilizing their compute, spend...

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G2 Users Love Pepperdata e-book

January 14, 2022Guides

G2 is the world's biggest online marketplace for software vendors and buyers. Trusted by over 5.5 million people, G2 is the go-to place for reliable software comparison and peer reviews. The site helps enterprises and individual users ma...

2022 Report Thumbnail

2022 Kubernetes and Big Data Report

December 7, 2021Reports

This survey was conducted to identify which big data applications companies are migrating/planning to migrate to Kubernetes (K8s) and what challenges they are having. Cloud vendors have proliferated and promised users optimal performance...

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Pepperdata Overview: See Real ROI

December 3, 2021Product Data Sheets

Pepperdata specializes in big data and application performance whether you’re in the cloud or the data center, using traditional= frameworks or have already moved to Kubernetes. We provide= the full-stack observability and autonomous o...

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Pepperdata Pricing Sheet

October 15, 2021Product Data Sheets

To fully understand the cost of implementing big data analytics, you need proven solutions that can be scaled to your business. Choose from the Pepperdata pricing plans to better understand how we can help you deliver on your big data an...

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HiBench Benchmark Report: AWS Performance

September 23, 2021Reports

The Pepperdata 2021 HiBench Benchmark Report demonstrates the effect Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer has when implemented on top of an AWS Custom Auto Scaling Policy. The benchmarking work in this report uses HiBench, an industry-standard ...

Zeotap CS thumbnail

Zeotap Runs 24% More Big Data Tasks

August 19, 2021Case Studies

To power their customer intelligence products, Zeotap uses Apache Spark to run big data processes. However, as Zeotap’s client base grew, and their Spark usage intensified, they experienced laggy performance and increased spending.

APM metrics

APM Metrics: A Primer

May 18, 2021Industry

For anyone working in big data, understanding the basics of application performance management and the role of APM metrics is crucial. In recent years, the demand for APM solutions has been on a sharp rise. The APM monitoring sector,...

kubernetes poll thumbnail

2021 Kubernetes & Big Data Report

April 29, 2021Reports

Kubernetes has become the cloud-native standard. However, it is a complex technology, and companies are still struggling to use it properly and effectively. Adding engineers is one way to solve the problem but doesn’t always address pe...

Big data impacts, digital transformation, big data finance

How Big Data Impacts Finance

April 27, 2021Industry

Optimized Time Is Money “Time is money” has always been a well-worn adage in the financial markets. However, in a world where massive volumes of business are transacted in milliseconds, “optimized time is money” seems more appropriate....

it transformation

What’s Next for IT Transformation?

March 23, 2021Industry

Check out The Five Principles of a Successful IT Transformation eBook for in-depth guidance on how to transform your IT and drive your business to success. What is IT Transformation? An IT transformation describes an initiative where...

Digital transformation in banking

Digital Transformation in Banking

March 15, 2021Industry

The Continual Quest to Refine the Customer Experience Most companies will happily talk about how they are undergoing a “Digital Transformation.” Ask executives what it means to their organization and often you will get a well-curated...

scalabity cloud computing cover pages

Scalability in Cloud Computing

February 25, 2021White Papers

Big data stacks are being moved to the cloud, enabling enterprises to get the most value from the information they possess. But as demand for big data grows, enterprises are pressed to enhance the performance of their cloud assets.

cloud survey report image

Big Data Cloud Technology Report 2021

January 14, 2021Reports

This survey was conducted to better understand how organizations run their big data application sand workloads in the cloud. When IT doesn’t possess visibility into their big data system performance, overspending is almost guaranteed.

observability 02

Infographic: The Stages of Observability

November 25, 2020Guides

Big data stacks and IT platforms run thousands of workloads and applications. To succeed, developers must pursue a shared understanding of how their applications function. Observability is critical to gaining this understanding. Without ...

spark guide cover

Spark on Hadoop: A Quick Guide

November 18, 2020Guides

As a data processing engine for Hadoop, Spark is faster, more flexible, and easier to code than MapReduce. It’s provided enterprises with massive gains when it comes to leveraging and processing big data. However, Spark can also presen...

3 keys guide

Big Data Performance Management Checklist

November 18, 2020Guides

When IT doesn’t have visibility into their big data system performance, overspending is almost certain. With the right precautionary measures, however, you can ensure your big data initiatives run on time and under budget. Download...


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