Today, we have some exciting news to share: Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer now supports Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

This means users of AKS are able to automatically optimize their workloads running on the Azure Kubernetes Service. AKS users can now rely on Pepperdata to help them monitor and optimize Spark applications on Kubernetes AKS.

This evolution of our platform has been in the works for some time, and we know our users will be delighted by this development. Read on for more context on this awesome product news.

What is AKS?

Azure Kubernetes Service provides enterprises with a fast and quick way to use Kubernetes on Azure. In this context, fast and quick means that AKS takes care of the user’s hosted Kubernetes environment. Users who don’t have the knowledge and expertise in container orchestration or running Kubernetes on Azure can easily deploy and manage containerized applications.

With Azure Kubernetes Service, organizations can unite their development and operations teams within a centralized platform. This allows for the accelerated build, development, delivery, and scaling of their containerized applications.

However, Azure Kubernetes Service is not without its challenges. Users have complained that expected costs remain unclear until they see their actual production usage. While AKS does have monitoring tools integrated within the platform, it doesn’t provide users with the visibility they need to derive actionable insights and optimize performance.

This is where Pepperdata comes in.

Kubernetes on Azure: Day-Two Challenges

Many organizations are implementing Kubernetes to take advantage of its scalability, portability, and conservation of resources. In our 2021 Kubernetes and Big Data Report, 77% of enterprises are adopting Kubernetes technology with the goal of improving their utilization resources and cutting down cloud expenses.

However, Kubernetes can be complicated to manage manually and requires proper orchestration. Without a proper visibility tool for your Kubernetes implementation, you run the risk of missing important SLAs. You could even unexpectedly exceed your cloud budget.

Having the right tools, methodologies, and plans for Kubernetes the day after migration—and beyond—can prove to be a bigger challenge than you originally thought. But Pepperdata can help. Monitoring and automating the optimization of resources helps you take advantage of all that K8s has to offer without increasing your management overhead.

Many organizations see Kubernetes as ideal for a hybrid cloud strategy due to its consistency. Because it’s an open-source project that can be used on any cloud, we’ve made Capacity Optimizer easy to use across cloud providers. You can run Capacity Optimizer for K8s on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup. So wherever you are running your big data, you can take advantage of the performance and cost savings only a Pepperdata solution can offer.

The Pepperdata AKS Support Impact

With Capacity Optimizer, Azure Kubernetes Service developers have access to a self-service dashboard where they can improve resource utilization.

AKS support also enables Kubernetes on Azure users to dive deep into their Spark applications and infrastructure on AKS. Powerful observability at a granular level gives users a deep and correlated understanding of application and infrastructure performance. Apart from standard Spark metrics, Pepperdata provides tuning recommendations, app comparison for debugging, and node-level metrics correlation.

On top of that, AKS users can now leverage the autonomous optimization of their resources and workloads. Detailed usage attribution also helps AKS users enjoy accurate IT chargeback.

Pepperdata AKS support allows you to realize the benefits of your implementation by helping you automatically manage scaling the Spark application deployments within your Azure Kubernetes Service architecture. Getting the visibility and optimization you need for your AKS implementation can boost you to hero status on your team. You’ll be able to see and address issues faster than a manual solution ever could. Welcome to a brighter day two with K8s.

Find out more about increasing your Kubernetes performance with Pepperdata.

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