Pepperdata Is Launching Its New
Capacity Optimizer Next Gen
for Amazon EKS

Learn how Pepperdata uses machine learning to provide Continuous Intelligent Tuning automatically to your Amazon EKS applications, helping your platform team recover wasted capacity and ultimately reduce your spend for cloud resources.

Who should attend:

Platform Engineers, Architects, FinOps Leaders,
Platform Budget Owners, AWS Admins

What you will learn: 

  • New approaches to cost optimization on Amazon EKS
  • The value of automation versus a manual approach
  • How to get the most out of the tools in your toolbox
  • How to evaluate vendor solutions for your environment

This webinar also includes a live demo of how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen software reduces costs on Amazon EKS by up to 40%.

Environments addressed:

  • Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS
  • Spark on Amazon EKS
  • Microservices on Amazon EKS

Group 2695 (1)

Shashi Raina

Partner Solution Architect
Amazon Web Services


Group 2695

Kirk Lewis

Senior Solutions Engineer

pod resource utilization savings
Use Cases

Got Microservices? You’re Probably Paying Too Much for Them


Capacity Optimizer Next Gen

Group 5196
Solution Briefs

Pepperdata for Amazon EKS Solution Brief

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Looking for a safe, proven method to reduce waste and cost by up to 47% and maximize value for your cloud environment? Sign up now for a free waste assessment to see how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen can help you start saving immediately.