Drill Down to Any Level of Your Big Data Analytics Stack

Pepperdata instruments every node with a PepAgent, giving you real-time application performance tuning metrics to act on. Every five seconds, PepAgents collect hundreds of metrics from applications and infrastructure resources—including CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and network usage—on every job, task, user, host, workflow, and queue. You can quickly diagnose application and infrastructure problems, automatically tune resources, and schedule jobs.

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Automatically Tune Infrastructure Resources with Machine Learning

  • Continuous tuning for infrastructure resources that helps you optimize and recapture wasted capacity.
  • Automatically add tasks to servers with available resources.
  • Run more applications, meet SLAs, and get more out of your big data investment.

Get Tuning Recommendations

  • Get context-aware recommendations for reliable tuning.

Privacy and Protection for Your Sensitive Data

  • Maintain cluster security and adhere to compliance requirements.
  • PepAgents only collect telemetry data, and PepAgents do not collect sensitive data like PII or PHI.
  • PepAgents never access your file system.

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