Rubicon Project Improves Performance and Streamlines Automated Advertising Solution

Rubicon Project Improves Performance and Streamlines Automated Advertising Solution

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Get a Comprehensive View of Your Applications, Infrastructure, and Resource Utilization

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight gives you an in-depth view of your applications, infrastructure, and resource utilization in any cloud and on-premises. It also provides tuning recommendations and custom alerts, so you can rapidly make resource decisions and diagnose performance issues. Pepperdata cluster performance monitoring includes real-time and historical information covering system demand, abusive users, and wasteful applications. Platform Spotlight allows you to:

  • Monitor supported technologies and frameworks, including Kafka, Impala, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Kubernetes, Tez, Spark, Amazon EMR, and Google Dataproc.
  • Identify the impact that applications have on cluster-wide resources such as CPU, disk, memory, network, NameNode, and HDFS.
  • Improve troubleshooting by identifying application slowdowns caused by disk, network, or node failures/congestion, and quantify the impact the cluster has on applications.
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Optimize Workloads with Recommendations

Big data operators need to configure and size critical resources running on big data environments, but it’s hard to get an accurate view without access to the right data. It’s even harder when operating in complex cloud settings. To make this easier, Pepperdata provides actionable reporting, insights, and recommendations to rightsize containers, queues, and other resources. 

Platform Spotlight does this by continuously collecting extensive unique metrics and data about your hosts, queues, users, applications, and other relevant resources, providing you with insights to quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions. Platform Spotlight allows you to:

  • Size big data queues appropriately based on criticality.
  • Get self-service recommendations on container sizes and heap reservations.