It’s never been easier to take a risk-free spin of Pepperdata in your testing or production environment. Within a few days, you’ll understand exactly how much waste is in your system and exactly what you can do to eliminate it once and for all and reduce your cloud bill

Pepperdata provides you three free ways to try, and two ways to buy. Best of all, all three trial options are completely FREE to you (outside your normal AWS costs, of course). It’s easy to get up and running, toojust configure Pepperdata via a bootstrap script (for Amazon EMR) or a Helm chart (for Amazon EKS). 

FREE TRIAL OPTION 1: Savings Assessment

sample report savings assessment

A savings assessment is your quickest and easiest way to visualize the value Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer can add to your for Amazon EMR or Amazon EKS environment. Pepperdata will securely analyze your cluster for savings in real time, without requiring any application code changes or workload profiling on your part. Your customized Savings Assessment will contain:

  • Total estimated savings with Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer
  • Your total estimated waste and top 10 most wasteful queues
  • Next steps on how to get started saving

The Savings Assessment delivers immediate, personalized insights that might otherwise take months to realize, and you’ll have the chance to review it with a Pepperdata Solutions Architect for a deep dive into the specifics of your architecture. Download the datasheet to learn more or select a time to get started at your convenience.

FREE TRIAL OPTION 2: Super Easy Proof of Value

Whether you’re running Amazon EMR or Amazon EKS, Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer can immediately reduce your application costs and put a smile on your face when your next AWS bill arrives. See for yourself with a free, 5-day, no-commitment evaluation to learn what you could be saving. Here’s how the Proof of Value works:

Here’s how the Proof of Value works:

  1. Install Pepperdata: ~60 minutes: Pepperdata is installed in your environment via a bootstrap action (for Amazon EMR) or a Helm chart (for Amazon EKS).
  2. Run Pepperdata: ~5 days: Run your workloads as normal. Pepperdata will go to work immediately reducing the waste in your environment, improving utilization and saving you money.
  3. Review your results: ~60 minutes: Meet with a Pepperdata Solutions Architect to review your cost savings data, utilization data, and ROI data.

Download the datasheet to learn more or select a time to get started.


FREE TRIAL OPTION 3: For customers who are migrating their workloads from anywhere to Amazon EMR or Amazon EKS

If you’re considering (or currently implementing) a migration to Amazon EMR or Amazon EKS, Pepperdata will help you understand the best and cost-optimized instance types for your migrated workload prior to migration. Pepperdata will also deliver you a report of post-migration cost savings achievable in the cloud when you implement Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer in your migrated environment. Download the datasheet to learn more or select a time to get started.

And, once you’ve tried Pepperdata for free and you’re ready to benefit from real-time, autonomous cloud cost savings, we’ve got two “let’s get started saving now” purchase options for you:

PURCHASE OPTION 1: The AWS Marketplace

If you have credits in the AWS Marketplace, why not deploy them on Pepperdata? Whenever you’re ready, you can make a direct purchase on the Marketplace at your convenience. The cost of Pepperdata will simply appear as a line item on your monthly AWS bill. What could be easier?

PURCHASE OPTION 2: Direct Billing

If you’d rather receive a monthly invoice for your Pepperdata subscription, we can provide you a direct billing option. Pepperdata will charge you a fraction of your savings based on vCPUs consumed. Drop us a note at, and we’ll get you started right away. 

Only Pay For What You Use

No matter how you choose to be billed, Pepperdata operates on a consumption-based model, so you only pay for what you see. Pepperdata also offers pay-as-you-go and annual subscription options for greater discounts. The typical ROI our customers see range from 100% (meaning you don’t lose anything!) all the way up to 662%, which means your reduced infrastructure spend can drive investment and growth in ongoing business innovation.

No matter which FREE TRIAL or PURCHASE option you choose, Pepperata is always the easy button for cloud cost optimization. Pepperdata’s customers include the largest, most complex, and highly-scaled clusters in the world, at top enterprises such as Citibank, Autodesk, Securonix, Royal Bank of Canada, and those in the Fortune 5. Some examples of daily cost savings achieved by these companies are as follows:

Customer Savings Image

Choose one of the options above and get started today!

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Looking for a safe, proven method to reduce waste and cost by up to 47% and maximize value for your cloud environment? Sign up now for a free Cost Optimization Proof-of-Value to see how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer can help you start saving immediately.