Discover Cost
Savings Immediately

Operating for either microservices or Spark workloads, Capacity Optimizer Next Gen optimizes your cloud costs by:

  • Driving efficient resource utilization

  • Eliminating manual tuning and application code changes

  • Enabling you to control your optimization level based on your unique performance SLAs

Slice and Dice Your Costs
and Potential Savings

Bring the rigor of financial accountability to the variable cost model of the cloud while slashing your compute cost—continuously, autonomously, and in real time.

  • Gain control over your compute cost

  • Realize savings across your entire AWS infrastructure

  • Visualize everything via pre-built daily and monthly rollups

  • Deliver management-friendly views to your exec team

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You Control
Your Optimization Level

Capacity Optimizer Next Gen enables you to dial the ideal optimization level depending on your tolerance for cost savings versus performance.

  • Installs in under an hour in most enterprise environments

  • Shows potential and realized savings based on optimization level

  • Optimizes per account, granting you the flexibility to optimize for either cost savings or performance

Choose How You'd Like
to Get Started

Pepperdata’s secret sauce is available on the AWS Marketplace with three different options to get you saving on your cloud costs immediately.

  1. FREE Cloud Cost Optimization Proof of Value

    After installing Pepperdata on your AWS cluster, you’ll automatically reduce your cloud cost by up to 47% immediately, reclaim waste, and gain full-stack observability into your Spark applications on EMR or EKS.

  2. FREE Cloud Migration Assessment

    Receive a customized Big Data Cloud Migration Assessment to help you understand the cost of your migration to Amazon EMR or EKS with no cost to you for up to two weeks

  3. Cloud Cost Optimization Subscription 

    When you’re done taking advantage of the free options above, this is the way you’ll subscribe to Pepperdata and continue to roll out the savings across the rest of your clusters.


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Looking for a safe, proven method to reduce waste and cost by up to 47% and maximize value for your cloud environment? Sign up now for a free savings assessment to see how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen can help you start saving immediately.