Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Classic
Or Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen?

In the epic struggle against spiraling cloud costs, the only durable solution is automated optimization. The manual engineering efforts that most people call “cloud cost optimization” these days can be time-consuming and tedious, if not impossible at the scale at which modern data stacks operate. Moreover, they redirect valuable human resources away from technical innovation. And while pricing arbitrage and volume purchases will save you money at the platform or hardware layer, most customers are leaving between 20-50% of additional spend on the table at the application framework level. Only Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer enables you to save at the application framework level, providing you with the peace of mind that you’re extracting the most from your cloud investment while liberating your developers from the tedium of tweaking and tuning. 

And, as of today, Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer is available in two exciting new flavors: Classic and Next Gen

Both flavors provide the world’s only solution for autonomous, real-time cloud cost optimization, with our Next Gen version optimizing both batch workloads like Spark on Amazon EMR and batch and microservices workloads on Amazon EKS. 

Both go way beyond clunky, manual cost-cutting efforts to deliver granular node-level optimization of bits and bytes. 

So which arrow will you choose for your quiver? Let’s explore the strengths and differentiators of your two options:

Capacity Optimizer Classic is Pepperdata’s heritage offering deployed by some of the largest and most demanding enterprises in the world, including members of the Fortune Five, security-conscious global banks, and other top-tier companies. Hardened and battle tested in those environments for the last decade, Capacity Optimizer Classic provides deep application level observability as it optimizes your clusters on Amazon EMR continuously and in real time.  Our Classic solution reduces costs by eliminating waste and maximizing resource utilization, eliminating the need for tweaking and tuning your clusters and applications.

Capacity Optimizer Next Gen is built on the substrate of Capacity Optimizer Classic. In addition to eliminating waste and maximizing resource utilization, our Next Gen product gives you additional capabilities that include control over your optimization level, the ability to slice and dice your costs and potential savings, and high-level dashboard visualizations at the cluster level along with pre-built rollups for your management team.

You can even dial the ideal optimization level for you right from the UI depending on your tolerance for cost savings versus performance.

But the biggest difference is that Capacity Optimizer Next Gen also optimizes clusters running microservices. Whether you are running microservices or batch applications, like Apache Spark or PyTorch, Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer has you covered. No other solution out there can make this claim.

So, which of the two flavors of Capacity Optimizer is right for you? Use the handy chart below to compare the key features side by side:
Screen Shot 2023 07 19 at 4.56.30 PM

Screen Shot 2023 07 19 at 4.56.47 PM

Want to learn more? Visit the Capacity Optimizer Classic and Next Gen webpages for more information. If you’re ready to get started, you can also sign up for a free 2 Day Waste Assessment to see how much you can save.

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