What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

In a year that was unprecedented in many ways, we have witnessed big data growth like never before. Pressured by the pandemic, enterprises have generated and leveraged historic amounts of big data, amid a huge surge in processing demands. As a consequence, big data performance solutions and tools have taken center stage, as companies have rushed to process and understand their expanding data lakes.

What can we say about the impact of these trends in 2020? And what should be expected on this front in 2021? Let’s review.

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Reflecting on Big Data Growth in 2020

It’s been a busy year in the big data industry. Here are some of the notable big data in 2020 highlights:

  • The pace of digital transformation within enterprises has accelerated. The pandemic accelerated the push toward the cloud for data centers. This has increased the critical importance of getting value from big data, with data accuracy and real-time availability becoming critical aspects of operations.
  • Research reveals that data and analytics remain a priority for enterprises, despite the disruptions the pandemic brought. 53% of professionals refer to data and analytics tools and platforms as the “technology with the greatest game-changing potential over the next three years.”
  • Kubernetes and the use of containers continue to grow as cloud transformation and cloud initiatives take off. However, just as we saw with Hadoop, Kubernetes is not turning out to be easy to deploy, optimize, or maintain. The advanced IT shops are making strides, but the average IT shop is still in the planning stage—and probably waiting for something easier than the current options.
  • Big data performance solutions are becoming critical, as the volume and velocity of data increases every day. Alex Pierce, Pepperdata field engineer, believes the amount and speed of data generated is increasing faster than traditional IT assets can keep up with. “We’re literally running into this conundrum that, when you’re a big company, you can’t buy hardware and storage capacity fast enough.”
  • Data in motion with real-time analysis has become an important part of many businesses. Fresher data allows companies to q