Widget Test

Best Practices for adding Gartner Peer Insights Widget to your pages:

1. You must edit the script to include the HTML container to indicate widget location on the page (left rail, right rail, middle, etc.).
• Please note that the script we provide contains only an example and not the actual HTML selector you should use when you implement it.
• You should remove our example and replace it with your HTML selector.
2. The ideal placement of the edited widget script is at the end of the page code itself. You can add it right before the closing BODY tag.
• This is the easiest way to implement the widget.
• Please note that the HTML container must exist on the page and placed before the code snippet in the HTML document for the widget to work correctly.
• Although the widget script can be placed in the HEAD tag, it will require additional development work from your team in order to work as expected.