Unlocking Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices for Amazon EMR

Almost all the factors that make the cloud so appealing—near-infinite scalability on demand, agility in deploying new applications, and enhanced security and analytics—for big and smaller workloads alike can lead to cost overruns if not carefully calibrated.

In this eBook, we will share how you can successfully achieve cost reduction in cloud application deployments by up to 47% on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Pepperdata, an AWS Partner, without the need for code changes, recommendations, or manual tuning.

Get real-time cloud cost optimization with Pepperdata

Get real-time cloud cost optimization with Pepperdata

Pepperdata provides immediate cost savings by ensuring you pay only for what you use. Through its patented technology, its solution helps AWS customers gain significant cost reductions and improved performance autonomously, continuously, and in real time.

On top of that, Pepperdata provides built-in back-off algorithms in place to reduce the optimization levels when the workload increases.

Pepperdata in action:
Customer savings successes

Group 2726

Global leader in design software cuts cloud deployment costs by 50% with Pepperdata

Group 2754

ISV saves up to 36% on core Amazon EMR clusters with Pepperdata

Group 2764

Consumer electronics brand saves millions annually with Pepperdata

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