Application Spotlight

Application Spotlight

Pepperdata® Application Spotlight is a self-service application performance management (APM) portal that provides developers with a consolidated view for troubleshooting and optimizing application performance. This self-service portal enables big data application developers to relevant application information, performance recommendations, insights, and calls to action, all in one place, so that developers can easily and quickly improve performance.
Application Spotlight enables developers to quickly understand performance impacts and get recommendations on how to better optimize their jobs. In addition to helping make their jobs go faster, Application Spotlight enables developers to be better tenants in multi-tenant clusters by showing them how to write optimal performing jobs and more efficiently use their queue and cluster resources with practical, innovative application performance management solutions.

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Application Spotlight provides performance feedback to the Code, Build, Test, and Release phases of the DevOps cycle.

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Benefits for Devs

  • Generate application-specific recommendations to improve application performance

  • Highlight applications that need attention

  • Automatically identify bottlenecks, and alert on duration, failure conditions, and resource usage

  • Search all applications running on the cluster, compare current and previous runs, and visualize Spark applications and its stages for easy root cause failure analysis and performance tuning.

Benefits for Managers

  • Improve communication of performance issues between Dev and Ops

  • Shorten time to production

  • Increase cluster ROI

Benefits for Ops

  • Reduce the number of performance incidents in production

  • Easily communicate detailed performance issues back to developers

Application Spotlight visualizes all of the information about the big data applications that have been run and provides a detailed synthesis of this information in a personalized and customized user experience. Information provided on the Application Spotlight home page include application search, recent applications of interest, application flags for messages, alarms, and recommendations, shortest queue waits, recommendations (including the jobs that need immediate tuning), and physical memory % by user.

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Code-Centric Approach

Application Spotlight uses a code-centric approach that presents the developer with a code block and correlates it with the timeline of cluster resources consumed during execution. This enables developers to pinpoint specific segments of code and stages that require optimization.

For example, if an application is consuming a lot of CPU while two stages are running in parallel, it is impossible to determine which stage is causing the problem when only using the Apache Spark UI. Because Application Spotlight provides a time-series view overlaid with parallel stages, it becomes easy to understand which stage is causing the high CPU usage.

Using Apache Spark UI or other tools, it is very difficult to understand variance in application runtime performance. This is because none of these tools provides the entire context of what else is running on the cluster. Application Spotlight shows the “cluster weather” so that developers can understand whether the performance variation was due to their application or the context within which the application was running.

Seamless Integration with Pepperdata Products

Application Spotlight is integrated with the other Pepperdata products to provide an end-to-end DevOps solution, combining overall cluster awareness (monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting) with deep recommendations for improving the performance of individual jobs.

Works With All Big Data Distributions

Application Spotlight works with Big Data distributions including Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and IBM. Pepperdata supports clusters running on-premise and in the cloud.