To fully understand the cost of implementing big data analytics, you need proven solutions that can be scaled to your business. Choose from the Pepperdata pricing plans to better understand how we can help you deliver on your big data analytics stack performance initiatives.

Products Data Center
(Pricing Per Node*)
(Pricing per vCPU Hour**)
Platform Spotlight $700 $.008
Application Spotlight $700 $.008
Capacity Optimizer*** $700 $.008
Pepperdata Enterprise Suite
Application Spotlight
Capacity Optimizer
Platform Spotlight
$1800 $.02
Additional Products
Query Spotlight
$700 $.008
Streaming Spotlight
$700 $.008
99.9% Uptime SLA
Customer Support
Customer Success Program
Self-Service Help Center
Standard Support
Core Training
24/7 Support Option
Instructor-Led Training
Volume Discounts
Multi-Year Discounts


* A node is defined as a single server (physical or virtual) with no more than 16 cores and 256 GB of Memory.
** A vCPU Hour is 60 minutes of run time for a single virtual CPU also referred to as a vCore or virtual core.
*** Capacity Optimizer requires the purchase of either Application Spotlight or Platform Spotlight and can not be purchased separately.



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