360 ° Application View

Create a holistic source of application performance truth across your Hadoop clusters.

Self-Service APM Access to your Application Performance Data

Complete Instrumentation of your Hadoop and Spark Applications

Quantify the Impact the Cluster has on your Applications

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Application Tuning

Improve performance and efficiency of your Hadoop and Spark applications.

A Single Source for Application Performance Data Presented in Context of the Big Data Cluster

AI-Driven Optimization of Recurring Applications

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Application Recommendations

Create a holistic source of application performance truth across your big data clusters.

Change Configuration Parameters to Optimize Performance

Tune CPU and Memory Reservations Based on Actual Consumption

Change Queue Selection or Launch Time Based on Cluster Activity

Explore Application Recommendations

Application Alerting

Create and receive alerts about events that interfere with application performance

Identify Cluster Bottlenecks

Identify Application Bottlenecks

Identify Hadoop and Spark Applications at Risk of Missing SLAs

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