Webinar: Proven Approaches to Hive Query Tuning

Webinar: Proven Approaches to Hive Query Tuning

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Full Stack Observability

Pepperdata Application Spotlight provides a comprehensive view of all your data in one place, so you can gauge performance in the context of the entire cluster. When it comes to optimizing workloads and jobs, observability is critical. To understand what needs to be optimized, you need to understand where the opportunities for optimization are and what needs to be changed. Application Spotlight lets you diagnose application performance issues up to 90% faster—and improve overall efficiency. Pepperdata Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Bring cloud spend under control.
  • Understand whether performance issues were cause by your application or are a result of cluster performance.
  • Understand exactly what CPU and memory resources an application requested: what it needs, what it used, and what it wasted.
  • Identify the impact that queue congestion, bottlenecks, and hardware failures have on application performance.
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Optimize Spark Workloads with Job-Specific Recommendations

Improve the performance and efficiency of your Spark applications on multi-tenant systems on AWS, Azure, Qubole, Google Cloud, or on premises. Pepperdata Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Profile and optimize application performance via recommendations and key performance indicators.
  • Tune CPU based on actual consumption and get self-service recommendations on container sizes and heap reservations.
  • Quickly overcome common Spark memory-related, data skew, and configuration issues.
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Create and Receive Alerts on Application Health and Performance

Reduce the risk of failure by creating and receiving custom alerts about events that interfere with application performance. Pepperdata Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Identify resource bottlenecks, including CPU, memory, and I/O.
  • Pinpoint straggling tasks or poor parallelization that can impact runtime.
  • Identify applications at risk of missing an SLA–alert on duration, amount of data processed, or other milestones.
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Optimize Big Data Application Performance and Run More Efficiently on Amazon EMR

Automatically optimize your big data and deliver great application performance experiences in the cloud. Application Spotlight is available on AWS Marketplace as part of Pepperdata Cloud for Amazon EMR.

In addition to optimizing application performance, get full-stack observability, automated tuning with managed autoscaling, and real-time insights across all of your EMR instances—all in one place. Automatically optimize your big data and deliver superior application performance. Pepperdata Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Get full-stack, automated tuning, and job-specific recommendations for Spark and MapReduce.
  • Use managed autoscaling to automatically optimize node performance and prevent waste by applications.
  • Customize alerts to quickly understand and troubleshoot application and infrastructure issues.

Benefits for Your Team

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Operation Teams

  • Reduce the number of performance incidents in production.
  • Communicate detailed performance issues back to developers.
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Application teams

  • Highlight applications that need monitoring.
  • Automatically identify bottlenecks, and alert on duration, failure conditions, and resource usage.
  • Search applications running on cluster, compare current and previous runs, visualize for root cause failure analysis and performance tuning.
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Business Teams

  • Improve communication of performance issues between Dev and Ops teams.
  • Shorten time to production.
  • Increase cluster ROI with application performance monitoring.
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