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for Big Data Performance Success

Learn how Pepperdata’s top-rated big data performance solutions can help deliver predictable performance, managed cost, managed growth, and empowered users for your big data investments.

  • Platform Spotlight

    Platform Spotlight provides you with a 360° view of your entire cluster to quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions. It automatically tunes clusters to recapture wasted capacity, allows you to create alerts, and provides recommendations to rightsize containers, queues and other resources.

    • Improves platform performance, throughput, efficiency and uptime.
    • Reduces backlog and mean time to problem resolution.
    • Provides accurate insight into the most expensive users.
    • Enables you to do more work with your platform.

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  • Application Spotlight

    Application Spotlight gives you a 360° view of all your applications — in the context of the entire cluster — in one place. It provides automatic tuning for applications, delivers job-specific recommendations and enables you to set up alerts on specific behaviors and outcomes to avoid the risk of failure.

    • Improves application runtime, predictability, performance and efficiency.
    • Improves resource utilization and developer productivity.
    • Reduces troubleshooting time.
    • Informs developers of cluster events that impact applications.

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See Pepperdata APM Products in Action

View these videos that highlight key elements of Pepperdata APM Products.

Get insight into your data.

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight continuously collects extensive unique data about your hosts, queues, users, applications, and all relevant resources, providing you with a 360° application and cluster views to quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions based on user priorities and needs.

Improve collaboration.

Pepperdata products improve collaboration between development and operations teams by providing both an application as well as cluster view of performance. Pepperdata products, are used to monitor and manage mixed workloads from frameworks such as Spark, MapReduce, Kafka, Tez, Solr, and Impala.

Streamline your processes.

Pepperdata automatically optimizes its Hadoop clusters and improves monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting. The Pepperdata product suite helps Enterprise organizations to better manage its big data environment, and provides measurable benefits.

Level up your processes.

Your systems and structures exist  to deliver successful outcomes to your customers. But can they be better? Pepperdata offers deep expertise that strengthens and improves your existing processes.

See firsthand how Pepperdata solutions bring APM to every phase of the big data DevOps cycle with solutions for monitoring, tuning, troubleshooting, and improving collaboration between teams

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