Pepperdata Product Guide

Pepperdata automatically optimizes system resources while providing a detailed, correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of application and infrastructure metrics collected in real-time. It highlights applications that need attention, automatically identifies bottlenecks, and alerts on duration, failure conditions, and resource usage.

On the cloud or on-premises, this automated approach provides quite a few benefits. It gives you complete visibility and insight into your big data stack and enables you to run more applications. IT operations teams can get real-time visibility into how their big data applications are performing while maximizing the capacity of their existing infrastructure. In addition, developers save valuable time as Pepperdata automatically optimizes Hadoop clusters while improving monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting. The entire enterprise can look forward to a shortened time to production, increased cluster ROI, and more.

We get it, it’s a lot to take in. That’s why we created this product guide. Download it now to get a complete overview of all the Pepperdata suite has to offer, and all in just a few pages.

You’ll gain a better understanding of:
Pepperdata Platform Spotlight: The solution designed to help you better manage your big data resources and infrastructure performance.
Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer: Putting an end to manual tuning, Capacity Optimizer automatically tunes and optimizes your big data clusters.
Pepperdata Application Spotlight: The solution you can rely on to better manage your big data applications, workloads, and instances—allowing you to diagnose performance problems up to 90% faster.
Pepperdata Query Spotlight: Query Spotlight provides deep insight into your Hive, Impala, IBM Big SQL, and Redshift queries so you can spend less time searching for problem resolutions.
Pepperdata Streaming Spotlight: With Streaming Spotlight, you can better understand and manage the utilization and performance of your mission-critical Kafka applications.

Take the first step towards full observability and automated optimization by downloading the Pepperdata Product Guide.

Pepperdata Product Guide

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