Optimize Performance, Run More Apps, and Track Your Spend

Gaining visibility into your current big data cloud usage can be difficult. Closing cloud visibility gaps helps you recapture wasted resources and transform your cloud performance. Whatever your cloud—Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure—you can run more apps, track and manage costs, and improve cloud price performance by up to 3X with Pepperdata.

Pepperdata Cloud provides automated tuning, full-stack observability, and real-time insights—all in one place. Automatically optimize your big data and deliver superior application performance.

Cloud Performance Products

Capacity Optimizer

Automatically tune applications and infrastructure and recapture cloud resources. Optimize your cluster resources and run more applications.

Application Spotlight

Diagnose app performance issues faster to improve efficiency. Pinpoint straggling tasks or poor parallelization that impact runtime. Improve Spark app performance. Get job-specific recommendations, and set up alerts to avoid the risk of failure or missing SLAs.

Platform Spotlight

Get full-stack observability of your infrastructure and resource utilization, performance recommendations, and custom alerts. Get historical cluster data including system demand, abusive users, and wasteful applications.

Recapture Cloud Resources and Run More Applications

Traditional autoscaling from cloud service providers does not protect you from the runaway costs that an OpEx model brings. Autoscaling from cloud providers is based on the workload peak needs. This guarantees the maximum compute needs are met, but leads to wasted resources and inflated cloud costs.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer uses the power of machine learning to make thousands of decisions per second, analyzing and optimizing the resource usage of each node to optimize CPU, memory, and I/O resources. The net effect is that horizontal scaling is optimized and waste is eliminated. Pepperdata provides automated deployment options that can be seamlessly added to EMR, Dataproc, and Qubole deployments. Capacity Optimizer enables you to:

  • Reduce cloud costs by optimizing where and when your workloads run.
  • Recapture wasted capacity so you can run more applications and get the most out of your investment.
  • Track spend estimate cloud migration costs and accurately.

Pepperdata Helps Fortune 100 Financial Services Giant Gain Control Over Their Runaway Data Infrastructure Spend

A multinational investment bank was growing at an exponential rate and faced exploding costs. Read how Pepperdata allowed them to optimize their current infrastructure and automatically scale—empowering them to gain control over their runaway costs.

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Automatically Optimize Your Big Data Workloads and Amazon EMR Infrastructure with Pepperdata

Big data in the cloud has a lot of moving parts, overlap, and sprawling interdependencies that make understanding cloud resource usage a challenge. Pepperdata helps you leverage cloud visibility deployments, accelerate your cloud adoption, streamline IT operations, and deliver great customer experiences.

Pepperdata for Amazon EMR provides full-stack observability, automated tuning, and real-time insights across all of your Amazon EMR instances—all in one place. Automatically optimize your big data clusters and applications to deliver superior application performance. Pepperdata for Amazon EMR allows you to:

  • Get full-stack observability, automated tuning, and job-specific recommendations for Spark and MapReduce.
  • Automatically optimize node performance and prevent waste by applications.
  • Customize alerts to quickly understand and troubleshoot application and infrastructure issues.

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