Pepperdata Fuels Magnite's Big Data Cloud Migration Success

Magnite’s innovative advertising platform enables clients to streamline and automate their process of buying and selling ads. As the company expanded, Magnite needed to shift a substantial portion of their big data stack from on premises to the cloud. 

During the migration, Magnite struggled with a lack of visibility and being able to visualize JVM metrics. They knew they needed to have superior visibility into their cloud-based stack to meet and address migration challenges immediately—without impacting their bottom line.

Realizing that open-source analytics and visualization solutions wouldn’t provide them with the visibility they need, Magnite turned to a more robust platform. The company already had a positive experience with Pepperdata. Having enjoyed great observability into their on-premises IT infrastructure, Magnite wanted the same capabilities once they migrated to the cloud. In this case study, we dive deep into Magnite’s challenges and discover how Pepperdata provided them with the visibility they need to maximize their move to the cloud.

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Pepperdata Fuels Magnite’s Big Data Cloud Migration Success

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