Capacity Optimizer Data Sheet

Autoscaling provides cloud platform users with the elasticity they need to keep their big data workloads and processes running. However, autoscaling, when unmonitored and unoptimized, can also lead to hefty cloud costs.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer. Enabled in Pepperdata Platform Spotlight, Capacity Optimizer is a powerful solution designed to augment autoscaling and enable users to continuously and automatically optimize capacity utilization of production clusters. The best part is that you can set it up and let it run in the background, eliminating the need for manual tuning and intervention.

Intelligent Autoscaling with Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

Most cloud service vendors deliver compute resources and other infrastructure needs based on peak demands. While this approach ensures that users have the maximum number of resources ready to deploy when demand spikes up, it can lead to overprovisioning and a massive waste of unused resources.

Capacity Optimizer performs real-time analysis on each node to accurately determine its resource usage and predict its future resource requirements. Making several decisions per second through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Capacity Optimizer quickly finds and applies the perfect resource usage configuration and streamlines the utilization of memory, I/O, and CPU resources on big data clusters.

The result? Wasted capacity is recaptured, empowering you to run more applications and derive the greatest value from their infrastructure investment.

Leveraging Capacity Optimizer also helps optimize infrastructure performance in other areas by reducing troubleshooting time through targeted performance insights. This is combined with achieving peak efficiency through thorough and quick application resources tuning, and automatically detecting and alerting users to risks and events that impact SLAs.

We’re confident with these benefits, Capacity Optimizer will make it easy for your organization to get the most out of its big data, and cut costs.

Want to learn more about the solution? Download the Capacity Optimizer Data Sheet to learn more about how it turns autoscaling into intelligent, managed autoscaling today.

Capacity Optimizer Data Sheet