As anyone who has tried their hand at Hadoop can attest, the technology is not simple. In a world where apps make everything as easy as a few swipes or clicks, distributed computing has not yet become completely “plug and play”. Hadoop (and other distributed computing platforms) hold great potential for competitive advantage by allowing organizations to make use of massive data sets through analytics, machine learning, and other advanced computing applications. However, the setup and daily management of Hadoop requires effort, expertise, and (quite frequently) a lot of patience.

Pepperdata was founded to help organizations solve the performance challenges that are inherent in Hadoop. Pepperdata’s Adaptive Hadoop Performance technology is the first solution which takes out the manual effort of Hadoop, by eliminating the need for manual tuning to achieve performance gains and avoid resource contention. To showcase what our software can do, we partnered with The Bloor Group to stand up a real-life Hadoop cluster and install Pepperdata, to show how we help organizations to improve their Hadoop performance and also improve troubleshooting capabilities, eliminate bottlenecks, and get more done on existing resources.

To learn more about Pepperdata and the Tech Lab experiment, you can read a full synopsis by our friend Dez Blanchfield, data scientist at The Bloor Group. You can also register for the first webcast on demand and see how Pepperdata helps get Hadoop back on track!

If you’d like to see for yourself, you can always request a free trial. Hope to see you on our 3rd edition of the Tech Lab to show you the next use case for Pepperdata!

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