Here at Pepperdata, we’ve been on a number of sales calls lately where there’s a sense of incredulity on the other side of the video screen. How does Pepperdata extract as much as 50 percent in cost savings from some of the most sophisticated clusters in the world, the ones that had already been optimized for peak performance by the most dedicated and talented IT teams? It almost seems too good to be true.

It’s not. 

A new customer running a large Amazon EMR cluster recently came to us after investing two years and thousands of hours of engineering effort in various manual optimization techniques. They managed to cut their AWS cloud bill by an impressive 45 percent in that time, even as the company expanded.

But within a single week, Pepperdata saved them another 30 percent on top of all their manual efforts to date. And all they had to do was invest an hour or two installing Pepperdata. 

The CTO was flabbergasted.

How was Pepperdata able to achieve this? It’s because our optimization operates at the application framework level. This means that Pepperdata is complementary to all the optimization projects you’ve likely done in the past at the Platform Infrastructure Optimization Level.

Here’s a way to visualize it:

What Would You Do With an Extra 30% (1)

The work that our new customer spent two years on was all optimization activities at the platform infrastructure level, things like rightsizing instances, buying Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, Savings Plans, and savvy manual tuning. This customer achieved a tremendous 45 percent savings primarily because they were able to re-architect most of their applications to run on highly cost-efficient AWS spot instances. 

That platform level optimization was incredibly valuable, but that’s only half the story. There was an extra 30 percent savings waiting for them at the application level—additional savings that they were only able to unlock with help from Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer. And it took only a few days to do that. 

Sounds like some pretty serious ROI.

How does Pepperdata do this for customers? With over a decade of experience and patented algorithms, Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer uses machine learning to provide Continuous Intelligent Tuning that works in real time in the background while your clusters run to safely eliminate application waste. And it does all this automatically, without the need for application changes, recommendations, or manual tuning. 

Learn how Mark Kidwell, Chief Data Architect of Data Platforms and Services at Autodesk, used Pepperdata to optimize the company's Spark applications for maximum efficiency.

What if you were that company and you recovered an extra 30 percent from your cloud budget? What would you do with your extra 30 percent? Here’s what some of our customers have told us they do with the savings that Pepperdata delivers them:

  • Run additional workloads
  • Hire more engineers for growth
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Reduce debt
  • Look like rockstars in their organizations!

The way we see it is that you should always invest in platform infrastructure level cost optimization efforts: continue to rightsize your instances, purchase Savings Plans and Reserved Instances, fine-tune your autoscaling, and tweak your infrastructure configs. But all of that manual effort represents only about 60 percent of your full optimization potential. When you install Pepperdata, you might well be able to recover an additional 30 percent, 40 percent, or more on top of everything else you’ve done to date.

And the best thing about Pepperdata is that it operates continuously and autonomously in the background, quietly recovering waste in real time as your applications run. Operating around the clock in real time in some of the largest and most complex clusters in the world, Pepperdata does what even the most committed and skilled engineering teams cannot.

We want to make it easy and risk-free for you to try us out in your own environment. Pepperdata offers a free 2-day Savings Assessment that helps you visualize exactly how much application waste you still have in your clusters, even after all your manual platform optimizations.

We want to make it easy and risk-free for you to try us out in your own environment. Pepperdata offers a free 5-Day Cost Optimization Proof of Value so you can see the immediate reduction Capacity Optimizer can bring to your cloud bill.

To get started, visit us at or drop us a note at We look forward to helping you extract the most value out of your cloud environment!

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