Time is zipping by, and already Strata + Hadoop World is right around the corner! We’re excited to be sponsoring the San Jose, CA show this year, and look forward to chatting with you about our favorite topic: Hadoop performance.
Our team of engineers, sales wizards, and marketeers will be hanging out in our new, totally-redesigned booth (booth #730) to answer your questions, give you a product demo, and challenge you to a game of Guess-The-Peppers (guessing enters you to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards, or our grand prize of a GoPro Hero 4!). Finally, no Pepperdata showing would be complete without our hallmark pepper pens and some hot sauce — which we’ll be giving away to folks who stop by to say hello.

  • Get jobs to run faster
  • Ensure critical applications never miss their deadlines
  • Deliver more predictable cluster performance
  • Halt unnecessary hardware spend
  • Quickly pinpoint root cause of sluggish cluster performance (e.g., rogue users and jobs)
  • View performance data that scales to thousands of nodes

Then we invite you to stop by our booth and learn why a certain class of performance problems is not your fault — and how Pepperdata is rewriting the rules of Hadoop performance with adaptive, real-time software that intelligently allocates hardware resources second-by-second to deliver quality of service to critical applications along with significant, automatic throughput gains (typically 30-50% on existing hardware).

Looking forward to seeing you at the show! Follow us at @pepperdata on Twitter and use hashtag #StrataHadoop to follow the action!