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Ever had Hadoop jobs run too slowly (perhaps missing critical deadlines)? Ever tried to debug resource contention issues without the benefit of job or user-level visibility? Ever wished you could easily run a multi-workload, multi-tenant environment without constantly needing to tune?

These are endemic challenges in today’s Hadoop world, and best practices have touted manual approaches like complex configuration changes — or even building out separate clusters for isolating mission-critical jobs. These “quick” fixes have allowed Hadoop operators to get by, but they  are intrinsically inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming to maintain. In fact, given the complexity of scoping and allocating resources against the backdrop of multiple, simultaneously running jobs, it’s impossible for any human being to ensure a cluster completely maximizes efficiency or can prioritize the right job at just the right time. And it’s impossible for Hadoop to ensure, too.

Enter Pepperdata. Pepperdata lets you quickly deploy policies to guarantee minimum resource allocation to specific jobs or users so that critical jobs can complete on time. With Pepperdata, resource contention is handled automatically in real time — allowing a “set it and forget it” solution to one of the thorniest problems facing Hadoop administrators today.

Pepperdata also makes troubleshooting easier by providing unprecedented visibility into over 200 cluster metrics across CPU, memory, disk, and network I/O. You can quickly drill down to user and job-level granularity — viewing statistics across a wide swath of time or honing in on only a few seconds’ worth of data.

Break down metrics by user, task, job, queue, host, or job domain for granular visibility.

This means it’s easy to isolate which user or job is hogging bandwidth and slowing down cluster performance. Best of all, you can obtain this data from any Internet-accessible device via Pepperdata’s web-based dashboard — ensuring visibility into your cluster no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Pepperdata collects 200+ metrics across CPU, memory, disk, and network I/O.

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