Storage, processing, analytics….all of these are reasons why organizations move to Hadoop for their big data needs. The use cases are diverse and the landscape is always changing. Yet we have found there is actually quite a bit of consistency in terms of the challenges customers face. One challenge is lack of visibility and the ability to identify the root cause of cluster performance problems. Resource contention is another big challenge (especially for organizations who are running multi-tenant or multi-workload environments). And once organizations start to use Hadoop for more mission-critical applications, missing SLAs often become a serious challenge and can affect customer service delivery.

Learn how Pepperdata helps organizations manage these challenges and more by attending our webinar on September 15th. Our CEO and co-founder Sean Suchter will be talking with industry analyst Robin Bloor about the realities that organizations face as they start to work with Hadoop, and how – depending on where you are in the “Hadoop lifecycle” – you can benefit from the various capabilities that our software provides.

We hope you join this live webcast on September 15th and welcome any questions during the presentation! No matter where you are in your Hadoop journey , you will see how our software uniquely addresses issues such as resource contention, mixed workloads, and SLA enforcement. Register today and we will see you there!

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