For enterprises leveraging big data to stay competitive, Application Performance Management (APM) is crucial. An effective APM solution maintains expected levels of application services by detecting, identifying and diagnosing complex application performance problems. But APM solutions can only deliver a return on investment (ROI) if used to their full potential.

The following are 8 ROI elements to consider when evaluating APM solutions.

  1. Increasing Developer Productivity
  2. Reducing Downtime, Improving Business Continuity
  3. Delivering Performance as a Feature
  4. Preventing Application Problems
  5. Reducing Infrastructure and Hosting Costs
  6. Meeting SLA Requirements
  7. Discovering and Resolving Issues Faster with AI and Analytics
  8. Unwavering Focus on Your Applications

We highlighted the first six benefits APM delivers for ROI previously In previous blogs (part 1 and part 2). Today, we’ll finish up by highlighting the last two.

7. Discovering and Resolving Issues Faster with AI and Analytics

In today’s increasingly complex technological environment, pinpointing the root cause of an outage or slowdown is like looking for a needle in a haystack, while revenue during the search takes a hit. If you don’t have all the necessary data, it’s impossible to identify exactly where the problem is. A modern APM platform can accelerate the search by zeroing in on the problem quickly, using data captured from the infrastructure as well as all of the applications running on it. Not all APM solutions provide both types of data.

Pepperdata takes a holistic approach by looking at your applications and how they interact within the context of your big data infrastructure. Then we provide you with a real-time view of your cluster and provide context-aware recommendations to optimize your applications and infrastructure. This unified approach to big data performance management reduces MTTR. Pepperdata offers the most flexible, powerful, and rigorous set of performance metrics in the industry to speed up troubleshooting and improve uptime.

8. Unwavering Focus on Your Applications

Remember: To your internal and external customers, the only performance that matters is the performance of the application they’re using. It’s where the rubber meets the road. This customer-centric mindset is baked into Pepperdata’s DNA.

Pepperdata offers a broadly deployable unified performance management solution that eliminates guesswork. By instrumenting all of the nodes on your infrastructure, Pepperdata provides you with visibility into how the infrastructure and applications are performing so you can enhance customer satisfaction. With the data Pepperdata collects, unique data that enables you to quickly diagnose application performance issues up to 90% faster, you get a 360° single pane of glass view of your environment with customer-centric performance insight on both.

Fine-tune your big data applications by understanding exactly what CPU and memory resources it requested, what it needs, what it used, and what it wasted. Identify the impact queue congestion, hardware bottlenecks and failures have on your big data application performance. Leverage all eight ROI benefits with Pepperdata.

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