We’ve long believed that, as more organizations begin using Hadoop in production to service different business groups, it would become necessary for them to accurately spread the cost of cluster resources across those users. In fact, this was the motivation behind our recently released new feature, Comprehensive Chargeback Reporting.

Chargeback Reporting lets you accurately assign memory and processing costs to cluster users.

We’re excited to say we aren’t the only ones who think this feature is cool. We’re honored to have made it into CRN’s recently released 10 Coolest Big Data Products of 2015 list. They say:

Managing big data systems, from both technical and business perspectives, isn’t easy. Pepperdata develops tools used for managing and optimizing Hadoop clusters in real time – a key requirement for deriving business value from the system
This year, Pepperdata added charge-back functionality to its software that makes it easier to measure and allocate costs associated with workloads across distributed Hadoop systems. That seemingly mundane capability should accelerate more widespread adoption of Hadoop for general business processes.

We couldn’t agree more.

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