With less than 24 hours to go until the start of Hadoop Summit San Jose, the Pepperdata team is getting ready for 3 days filled with announcements, technical sessions, and meetings with customers and partners.

From having a quick look at the conference agenda online, it’s evident that the topics this year focus a lot on Hadoop use cases in production environments, as well as multi-tenancy.  A few years ago it seemed that organizations were at the beginning of their adoption and “big data” was a buzzword.  Today, the rubber has hit the road and it’s all about finding ways to optimize and manage the Enterprise Hadoop deployments.

Hence, why we developed the Pepperdata software, the first and only of its kind to give admins real-time visibility into their clusters to see what is going on at the job, task, and user level.

This  year at Hadoop Summit San Jose, we will be debuting our Hadoop Hero challenge. The contest will have users log into our Pepperdata dashboard and answer questions based on the info they see: for example, “Who was using the most disk I/O at 7:50 in the morning.” It is a chance for attendees to have a look at the Pepperdata software, and see the amazing granularity it shows about what, who, and how the cluster is being used.

The survey will be timed, so attendees need to answer right, and answer fast!  We’ll be keeping track of the top scorers throughout the three days, and announcing the winner at lunchtime on Thursday. So make sure to stop by the Pepperdata booth, have a talk with one of our technical experts, and try the contest. The winner gets a GoPro Hero 4, so you could walk away from this year’s Summit with more than knowledge – you can score some pretty sweet swag, too!

The Pepperdata booth will be located near the Hadoop Café. You can follow us @pepperdata for live tweets and contest updates. Hope to see you there!

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