Around 70% of global enterprises have either initiated or plan to initiate some form of IT transformation, and for good reason. Enterprises that undertake forms of IT transformation are 64% more likely to exceed their top business goal than their peers.

But IT transformation is about more than simply implementing a DevOps model. Enterprises need a comprehensive strategy and plan. And with a plan in place, they need to modernize existing, critical IT infrastructure to improve efficiency in terms of both operational expenses and management overhead.

The Key to IT Transformation

The automated tuning of your big data analytics stack is a significant boost to all forms of IT transformation. In our recent eBook on IT transformation, we cite automated tuning and optimization as one of the big principles required to get a transformation right.

Whether you’re still on-prem and planning to move into the cloud, or you’re already there, here’s an unsettling truth: enterprise organizations often use considerably more compute than they anticipated. Gartner predicts that “through 2020, 80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud IaaS budgets due to a lack of cost optimization approaches.” That means most companies run the risk of overprovisioning and overspending, especially when they don’t employ cost optimization. Spending more than you want to is a bad start to any IT transformation.

Why Do So Many Enterprises Overspend?

One big reason is that companies don’t possess tools that provide full and actionable visibility into cloud application performance and big data analytics stacks (even though both these things are crucial to any IT transformation). APM tools provide you with some visibility into your data applications, but today, merely monitoring isn’t enough. What companies really need is recommendations and auto-tuning to correct performance issues and optimize existing resources. You need to act, not simply watch.

To facilitate an effective IT transformation, solutions for managing application workloads, queries, message streaming, and performance issues need to be agile and decisive. It is imperative that these solutions possess the deep visibility required to keep all workloads running at an optimized pace. Otherwise, they can adversely impact SLAs and application and workload performance

The Pepperdata Advantage

Pepperdata is an analytics stack performance solution that gives you observability and continuous tuning for your big data analytics stack. With full visibility, you can:

  • Quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions,
  • Run more workloads with continuous tuning,
  • Understand query execution and database performance, and
  • Get a 360-degree view of your applications in real time.

Pepperdata users have reported a 30-50% improvement on their throughput, achieved 100% visibility for a more accurate chargeback, and saved millions of dollars on their infrastructure and resource spend. 

The goal of any IT transformation initiative is to optimize efficiency and delivery by replacing and modernizing outdated technologies. Pepperdata can further boost that efficiency by providing real-time visibility and the continuous tuning of big data analytics stacks and applications.

We’ve put together an entire eBook on the five principles of a successful IT transformation. Check it out to read more about how tuning your big data analytics platform and applications—as well as other principles and frameworks that can help you succeed.

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