The excitement and momentum continue to build for Hadoop – and based on its promise and delivery of a scalable approach to data processing, we aren’t at all surprised. At Pepperdata, our vision is to give companies the freedom to use Hadoop, and help them realize the true potential it can deliver. That’s why today’s announcement is so exciting – we have raised $5 million in Series A financing, which will accelerate product development and help us build on – and share – that vision.

We are thrilled to have a great team of investors who believe not only in the promise of Hadoop, but in the value we bring to businesses who have come to rely on it. Our investors include Signia Venture Partners; Webb Investment Network; Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures and cofounder of Yahoo; Ed Zander, former CEO and Chairman of Motorola; and Andy Ludwick, founding CEO of Bay Networks.

We already have a number of customers using our software to increase visibility, capacity, and predictability for their large-scale Hadoop clusters (some running well over a thousand nodes) and will be using this new funding to accelerate investments in our product development and further build out our team.

Need to spice up your enterprise data? There is more exciting news from the Pepperdata team to come – stay tuned!

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