Pepperdata Free Cloud Migration Assessment for Workloads Moving to Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS

Moving from Amazon EMR on EC2 to Amazon EMR on EKS?

Learn how much you can save and which instance types to choose for optimal saving with a free Cloud Migration Assessment from Pepperdata.


  • Compare your estimated daily, monthly, and annual costs between your current environment and an Amazon EMR on EKS environment

  • View estimated additional savings available with Pepperdata optimization included

  • Receive suggested instance types to optimize savings

  • Personalized review with a Pepperdata Cost Optimization Architect

  • Receive a full report within a week that might otherwise take months

  • No advance workload profiling required


  • The most efficient instance types identified for your environment on EKS

  • Total estimated savings with Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

  • Next steps on how to get started saving

Get started on your Free Cloud Migration Assessment for Amazon EMR on EKS today




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