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Pepperdata Provides Operational and Infrastructure Cost Savings

“The product is super easy to manage, and we always had a great experience with Pepperdata support. I highly recommend this solution for anyone who would like to explore infrastructure and operations cost saving/optimization.”

Technology Director
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Fortune 100 Retailer Does More with Its Infrastructure, Saving Millions

  • $10M+ savings in infrastructure spend
  • 30% improvement in throughput
  • 92% reduction in MTTR
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Fortune 100 Technology Company Uses Operational Trends to Accurately Plan Capacity

  • $3.6M in hardware savings
  • $10K+ in daily cloud service savings
  • Granular visibility into clusters highlights operational trends and inefficiencies
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The Missing Link in Large Scale Cluster Management

“1. Ability to see both high level and focus view of YARN (Spark/Tez) platform and application health. 2. Easy to consume reports of least efficient processes or top consumers of resources. 3. Targets both platform admins and developers, provides a lot of transparency. 4. Capacity Optimizer automatically tunes cluster capacity for workload in real-time, avoiding lots of manual tuning and helping to save money.”

Chief Data Architect

Pepperdata Is a G2 High Performer in Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring

Pepperdata has been named an Enterprise High Performer based on having high customer satisfaction scores. In the latest G2 survey, 94% of Pepperdata customers said they would recommend Pepperdata and believe the company is headed in the right direction.

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Fortune 100 Financial Services Organization Improves Application Performance

  • $1.5M savings in infrastructure spend
  • 35% improvement in application performance
  • 90% reduction in MTTR
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Fortune 100 Telecommunications Organization Improves Reliability and Performance with Pepperdata

  • $7.5M savings in infrastructure spend
  • 50% improvement in throughput
  • 94% reduction in MTTR
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Real-Time Big Data Infrastructure Monitoring and Optimization

“Pepperdata helps us to monitor production load in Spark jobs effectively and help in root cause identification of intermittent cluster issues. It also helps to regulate job scheduling parameters to ensure optimized usage of available resources”

Senior Engineer
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Pepperdata Automatically Optimizes Infrastructure Capacity for Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization

  • Consistent 90% capacity utilization without manual application tuning
  • 5,200 hours/year saved on triage and troubleshooting
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Global Software Developer Improves Spark Performance and Cuts Costs

  • Goal of reducing big data costs 50%
  • Met SLAs during 10X growth in data processing
  • Recaptured compute waste and ran more applications
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Pepperdata - Complete Spark Cluster Performance Monitoring

“Pepperdata provides insightful details and helpful metrics to monitor cluster performance. The user-friendly interface helps to navigate several details like CPU, memory, storage usage, I/O etc. Pepperdata also helps to optimize the cluster settings to ensure enhanced resource management. Application Spotlight features help to figure out slow jobs or any data skew scenarios. Pepperdata can integrate automated alerting if any cluster parameter shows alarming behavior. It can also provide features like AI-based detection of resource containment and alert accordingly.”

Data Engineering Manager

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