Leading Global Travel Services Company Optimizes Capacity, Saves Millions with Pepperdata

A US-based travel services company with an extensive portfolio of international travel brands and a wide reach leverages its big data platform to gather and analyze mountains of raw consumer data from various sources.

Aware of the immense value of big data in its continued growth and success, the travel company allows their hotel and airline partners access to a vast amount of real-time customer information, including activities, purchases, and searches. Utilizing insights derived from the data allows these partners to offer their customers the best deals and fare promotions.

So when they began having consumer slowdowns, among other problems, they knew changes needed to be made. Not to mention that when compared to competitors, this travel services agency does a higher volume of business and therefore needs its big data platform to keep up.

The Challenge: Custer Slowdowns and Massive Resource Wastage

Limited compute resources and extensive big data use eventually resulted in big data cluster slowdowns, despite having lots of storage. A thorough assessment of their big data infrastructure revealed that nodes were overworked and storage capacity was not optimized. With many of their compute resources underutilized, the travel services company was losing millions of dollars in big data expenses.

The Solution: the Pepperdata Solution

“We looked into solutions to help optimize capacity and the only vendor that could help us maximize our underutilized resources was Pepperdata,” the technology director said.

Leveraging Pepperdata Platform Spotlight and Capacity Optimizer, the travel agency soon gained unhindered visibility into their big data stack and implemented optimal scaling performance configurations. Infrastructure management was simplified, helping the travel services company to effectively optimize their resources while maintaining business-impacting SLAs.

With performance and resources optimized, the travel company immediately enjoyed a 30% resource lift, recaptured waste, and saved millions in the process.

To read more about how this global travel services agency was able to save millions using Pepperdata, download the full case study today.

Leading Global Travel Services Company Optimizes Capacity, Saves Millions with Pepperdata

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