Today’s blog discusses what it means to be an operations manager in a Hadoop environment and covers the Pepperdata Platform Spotlight, our operations-focused solution. There are big obstacles to big data access, not the least of which is the fact that you’re dealing with a complex multi-tenant distributed system.

When dealing with application and platform performance in a multi-tenant environment, you need to understand how to properly tune both — by right-sizing containers and effectively allocating resources appropriately. There are countless questions to answer:

  • How can I ensure my platform is free of bottlenecks?
  • How can I help make sure applications meet their SLAs?
  • How can I make sure users have the resources they need at the time they need them?
  • How can I get more out of my platform?
  • What are my growth trends?

If you have just a few users, it’s probably not an issue, but when users number in the hundreds or even thousands, it will be a real challenge to ensure they are satisfied.

APM for Big Data Success

To ensure big data platform success, you need operational performance truth across the entire cluster. You need to understand what your system is doing, how it’s being affected by users, how your applications are performing, and what resource changes need to be made to optimize it for cost-effective utilization of your resources.

If you don’t have these insights, it will be impossible to accurately and successfully scale your platform. For instance, if you know you’re only using 40% of your resources, why would you plan to add more hardware? You also want to receive alerts on important events and get recommendations to change configurations. For these things, you need deep knowledge experience on everything having to do with the big data platform.

Pepperdata Differences

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight addresses all the questions you face as an operations manager. It helps you determine why you are seeing bottlenecks, visualizes usage trends, and identifies optimal configuration settings to make users more productive.

360°Platform View

First, Pepperdata provides you with what we call a 360° platform view. This is your single source of operational and performance truth all the relevant real-time cluster operations data. With complete instrumentation of your entire big data ecosystem, Platform Spotlight tells you how much memory applications are using, identifies wasteful applications, and quantifies how applications are impacting your platform. It helps you ensure developers have what they need when they need it.

APM Operations Manager 360° Platform View

APM Operations Manager 360° Platform View

Platform Tuning

Pepperdata capacity optimization can help you increase throughput by leveraging AI-driven resource management to automatically tune cluster resources and recapture wasted capacity, reduce hardware costs, and rightsize resource allocation based on actual real-time capacity. Platform tuning can also help you determine which applications and users are reading and writing small files, thereby impacting the overall performance of your HDFS environment.

Platform Recommendations

You’re challenged with configuring and sizing critical resources running on multi-tenant clusters with mixed workloads. Pepperdata helps you achieve optimal application and cluster performance on multi-tenant systems with recommendations to right-size containers, queues, and other resources.

Platform Alerting

You receive so many alerts that aren’t specific enough to isolate and resolve problems. Pepperdata exposes all the right granular data, allowing you to create alerts that quickly pinpoint root causes, identify rogue users and applications, and identify network errors, disk latency and potential capacity shortages.

360° Reporting

Capacity and resource planning and management is difficult without the right data and insights. With all of the necessary data about your cluster (data about hosts, queues, users, applications, etc.), Pepperdata enables you to visualize and predict the growth of the cluster and make an informed decision around capacity and resource requirements and recapture resources.

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight provides you with a single source of truth to quickly diagnose performance issues anywhere in the environment and make resource decisions based on user priorities and needs. In addition to a comprehensive view of your big data platform, Pepperdata offers proven experience on hundreds of clusters at Fortune 1000 companies. As a trusted advisor helping enterprises establish and follow best practices, Pepperdata can provide you with guidance on the best architecture using real-world experience derived from some of the world’s biggest clusters.

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