Big data in the cloud, Kubernetes, and other disruptive technologies were the focus of the Apex Assembly held last month in Dallas. The successful event saw visionary leaders and industry experts engage each other in meaningful, informative, and entertaining discussions about disruptive technologies and the evolving roles of IT executives. We also tackled the enterprise-wide challenges of digital transformation and how we address the challenges as we move forward.

Several of our Pepperdata leaders were there, including our very own Patty Collins, Pepperdata’s Vice President of Sales and Cloud Performance Optimization. Patty presented how Pepperdata can help enterprise organizations maximize the productivity of their big data cloud infrastructures with a highly scalable performance optimization platform for data science and AI/ML pipelines.

Tech Leaders on Disruptive Technologies

2022 Apex Assembly provided us with a unique opportunity to ask tech leaders and visionaries about the growing ubiquity of disruptive technologies like big data in the cloud and Kubernetes. Here’s what they told us:

  • Most executives are living in a hybrid environment. A large majority (78%) of tech executives said they are using a hybrid big data cloud environment. Only 17% stated they use an all-cloud setup.
  • The world is moving toward AI/ML on Kubernetes. 26% of tech executives we surveyed currently use Kubernetes for their big data or AI/ML workloads, while 47% said it’s on their roadmap. 
  • Optimization is essential for getting the most out of applications. When asked what their current pressing big data challenges are, 47% pointed at the need for developers to tune their applications to optimize performance. The second biggest group (26%) said they required more infrastructure to run big data cloud apps and processes.
  • Cost is a top concern. 44% of tech leaders ranked “scaling and infrastructure costs” as their biggest concern in their big data stack. For 39% of the respondents, “improving performance for even the most challenging workloads” is their primary concern.

Transform the Performance of your Hyperscale Distributed Systems

The 2022 Apex Assembly in Dallas was a great venue to showcase Pepperdata’s capabilities to tech leaders, industry experts, and visionaries. It gave us an opportunity to demonstrate how Pepperata helps data-driven organizations to optimize their big data cloud operations, maximize performance, and drive bigger ROI.

Most organizations based their IT transformation moving many of their processes to the cloud and adopting Kubernetes to containerize their workloads. However, such a move can result in a number of difficult challenges. These challenges can involve poor visibility into big data cloud application needs, unoptimized resource scheduling and utilization; uncontrolled cloud spending, and more.

Pepperdata can help you maximize the productivity of your modern big data stack and lower cloud computing costs with a scalable performance optimization solution for data science and AI/ML pipelines. 

Pepperdata automatically improves resource usage in real time and maximizes the value of your big data cloud stack. This is different from passive observability solutions where recommendations are only provided, not automatically applied. 

When you’re ready to accelerate data pipelines and optimize big data performance, Pepperdata can help. Register to start a free thirty-day trial, or download Pepperdata at any time through the AWS Marketplace

Looking Forward to Other Events

The 2022 Apex Assembly in Dallas was a blast, and we’re excited to do it all over again. We are scheduled to join the 2022 big data events: 

If you are attending any of these events, and would like to arrange a meeting in advance, you can do that here. We are looking forward to seeing you all in person again!

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